The recent petrol shortage and the subsequent panic at many petrol stations across the country, has seen exponential growth in searches relating to Electric Cars.

Google UK is reporting an increase in UK web traffic for “EV Cars” of 63% over the last 7 days (source Google Trends) and countless memes are appearing across social media platforms teasing petrol & diesel car owners about their battle for fuel.

Demand for EV Car Charging Point Installers

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the EV Car market has grown by 66% compared to 2019, with more EV cars being registered on UK roads than ever before.

(Source Next Green Car)

Recently many announcements have further accelerated the growth and demand for EV cars:

  1. The ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel cars coming into force in 2030.
  2. The UK Government recently mandated that all new offices and homes will be obliged to have EV charging points installed by 2022.
  3. The UK Transport minister announced this week a proposed consulation that will totally revolutionise UK transport over the next decade (source Gov.Uk)

It is clear that the UK infrastructure is undergoing a huge evolution – more EV car charging points are needed across the UK and demand for qualified EV charging point installers is high.

Become a qualified EV charging point installer

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