Today, we are very happy to announce our plans to revolutionise our training offering to give students a clear path from domestic installation all the way to Gold Card status with no repetition of learning, something not offered by another electrical training provider in the UK.

Currently, a student completing a Domestic Installers qualification, who later decides to become fully qualified is unable to transfer any of their existing skills into their 2365 Level 2 Diploma, instead having to go right back to the start of the process. Equally, a 2365 candidate who wants to work on small domestic projects while studying for their diploma is unable to do so until week 12 of their training, since the 18th Edition is not taught until this point.

A better way to train

With this in mind, our courses are changing to a ‘Stepping Stones’ approach, where each qualification gained counts towards the subsequent step, should you wish to continue learning. Our Learning Solutions Group (LSG) have meticulously mapped each relevant domestic module from both the Level 2 and Level 3 City & Guilds 2365 diploma and brought them forward into the initial 18-day course – This ‘Core Domestic Installation’ qualification puts every single student on the same path towards becoming a fully qualified JIB Gold Card holder, but the decision to progress that far is entirely up to you. 2365 students will now take the same Core and Advanced Domestic Installer courses as part of their Level 2 Diploma, meaning they can hone their skills as they learn by working on small domestic projects while continuing to train.

Andy Hay-Ellis, our Director of Education said of the changes “In the past we have always treated the Domestic Installer and the Diploma as two separate routes, but why should this be the case? By giving our students one clearly defined route with designated stopping off points, we’re enabling learners to easily move from one discipline to another without being penalized and with no repetition of training already completed. We feel this is how electrical training was always meant to be.”

5 steps to a ‘Gold Card’

The new programme still consists of a total of 80 days training, with students able to ‘stop off’ at any of the steps shown above. Training primarily takes place from 9am – 4pm in one of our national training centres in Gatwick, Coventry, Leeds or Warrington on a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off basis allowing you to fit training around work.

For more information on any of these courses, contact us on 0800 856 4448 or to find out how you can become an electrician, visit one of our FREE in-centre seminars by booking a place HERE