N.B. The 2377-22 & 32 PAT Testing Course has been replaced by 2377-77 from 10th November 2020. You can view the course information and details of how to enrol on our PAT Testing course pages:


PAT Testing Course for Beginners & Other Trades – 3 Day Course

PAT Testing Course for Electricians – 2 Day Course

Below we’ve summarised the key changes to the new PAT Testing Course and FAQs regarding this electrical qualification.

What’s the course name?

The full course name is Level 3 Award in the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (2377-77). We offer both the 2 & 3-day course options, key differences are summarised as follows:

  • 3 Day Course is designed for people with little to no electrical knowledge, beginners and other trades. This course provides the foundation in the subject and covers more of the fundamental principles of electrical appliance testing – if you are new to the electrical industry, attending this course will increase your overall understanding of the course contents.
  • 2 Day Course is designed for people with at least basic electrical knowledge as well as practising electricians.

I’m a newly registered electrician, why should I take this course?

As a newly registered electrician, you will be aware that there is a duty under the Electricity at Work Regulation regulation 4.2 to maintain the whole electrical system. This doesn’t just include the fixed electrical wiring but extends to all electrical equipment; from kettles and toasters to commercial boilers and 3-phase motors and extends to all properties including domestic, commercial and industrial.

The new Code of Practice puts more of an emphasis on the testing of all electrical equipment and not just “electrical appliances” (PAT) – more can be found on the following IET webpage. Having a working knowledge of the new Code of Practice whilst undertaking this qualification will give you increased competence within the electrical industry.

I’m new to the electrical industry – can I sit this qualification?

In short – YES! The 3 day PAT testing course is the one for you.

This qualification covers a wide scope of equipment. During the first day of your course, you will be learning about the fundamental electrical principles necessary to undertake this qualification successfully. Everybody needs to start from somewhere, and if you want to break into the electrical industry we believe this course is an ideal option. If you want to go further, why not check out our 4 Steps to Become an Electrician course page with useful information to help you make the best choice for you.

I already hold the old PAT Testing qualification 2377-22/32 – do I need to resit?

The simple answer is no as this is a qualification for life. However, you should keep up to date with the latest changes in the electrical industry. The 2 day PAT testing course is ideal for someone wanting to refresh their PAT testing knowledge whilst benefitting from the new course contents which cover a wider range of electrical equipment testing giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions to your tutor to refresh your knowledge and skills.

What’s included as part of this course?

This course offers a mix of practical and theory covering both the management and operational aspects of PAT Testing. At the end of the course you will have 2 assessments:

  • Short practical assessment
  • 2377-77 PAT Testing Multiple Choice Exam consisting of 50 questions for which you will have 1 hour 45 minutes to complete.

What careers can this lead to?

The average PAT Tester wage in London is around £36,000 p/y (source Adzuna) and around £26,000 p/y for West Midlands & North of England (source Adzuna).  PAT Testers are often needed in the following workplaces:

      • Hotels
      • Restaurants
      • Electrical warehouse & resellers
      • Construction & property industry
      • Housing associations
      • Landlords & Letting agents
      • Schools & offices
      • Public sector


I’m sold! How can I sign up?

Our course advisers are ready to take your call on 0800 8564448 or let us know your contact details, preferred centre and start date by filling in the online survey. Alternatively, why not sign up for our newsletter? Receive up to date course information and stay in touch with us – sign up for our Newsletter here.