Mobile phones and smart devices are playing a critical role in today’s electrical trade. To help make electricians’ lives easier we have ranked our top 5 ‘Electrical Apps’ for 2020.

iCertifi – Available for iOS devices

Described as a ‘revolution in electrical certification’ iCertify will allow electricians to produce high quality BS 7671 electrical certificates easily from their iOS device. All certificates are generated as secure PDF, ensuring compatibility for all your customers. This app works completely offline and is designed exclusively for iOS, no need for an internet connection, laptops, computers or carbon pads.

QuickBooks Self Employed – Available for all internet enabled devices

QuickBooks by Intuit is described as a ‘smart, simple accounting software’ which allows self-employed electricians to manage taxes, staff, clients invoices and track expenses all from one place. This software is a virtual accountant, fully integrated with HMRC self-assessment system meaning that your tax return will be easier to complete.

Megger Cable Calculator+

This free iPhone app includes a Cable Calc tool useful to every electrical contractor. It features a comprehensive selection & volt drop calculator tool. for installations up 25KW 100A.

ElectroDroid – Free app version only available for Android devices

The free app is designed exclusively for Android devices, this is a free reference app that brings a collection of electronic tools and reference materials. It features electronic specs, calculators, and references.

There is a premium app version called ElectroDroid Pro which is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices which boasts a larger number of features such as the adjustable voltage regulator/LM317 calculator and Voltage Drop calculator.

Energy Cost Calculator

This app calculates the operating costs and energy usage of your electrical equipment and machinery such as:

  • Consumption/Hour (watts/kilowatts)
  • Usage/Hour (number of hours used)

This app is particular useful when used in conjunction with other expenses tracker software (e.g. QuickBooks by Intuit) to effectively track the running costs of your electrical business. To conclude, it also helps to keep an eye on your Co2 emission, which helps your business becoming eco-friendlier.