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Halloween Hall of Horror Installations

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 31st October 2014

The last thing anyone wants on halloween is for the lights to go out. However if some of these horrors are lurking in your home then thats exactly what could happen. Everyone likes a little shock on halloween but no one wants an electric one so beware and don't have nightmares once you have seen our top ten Halloween Hall of Horror Installations below.

1. A very bad rewire – now this is a bad wiring job! Maybe the guy was a spaghetti maker! Disconnect the supply and start again – but this time use a qualified (and registered) electrician.

2. An example of a bad installation beneath floor boards.

(Image credit: eclipse-electrical-kenilworth.co.uk)

3. Faulty electrical system – a common defect in homes.  When was yours last checked? Electrical faults are often hidden in closed walls, panels and consumer units.













4. Is it a Halloween creature?  This was found lurking above a dry wall ceiling.  Yes that's a stove wire buried above that duct – with a lighting circuit on one leg.  It's not just the UK that celebrate Halloween as you can tell by these American sockets!

5. Open electrical panels are dangerous.  Fuse boards and consumer units should have a cover on them to protect accidental touching of the inside.

(image credit: Daniel Friedman)

6. Problems associated with a new installation.  Cables installed touching hot central heating pipes. This job does not comply with electrical regulations for obvious reasons.











(image credit electrspect.co.uk)

7. Electrical inspection....Can you remember what you learnt during training?  It might be time for this bad 'electrician' to do some refresher training!

8. Insulation Nightmare (on Elm Street?)  An electrician removed existing fibre glass insulation in order to accommodate the electrical installation and never properly replaced it.

9. Electrical panel suffered a short circuit due to the bad aluminium conductors.  Studies have shown that aluminium wired connections in homes have a high chance of overheating compared to copper wired homes.

10. Our crowning Glory....

Electrical Danger! - enough said! Worst install ever?

Don't have nightmares! These are possibly the most scary electrical installations ever! If you have any concerns about your electricity contact a qualified and registered electrician as soon as possible.