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Funny tradesman number plates

Posted by Elaine Hammond on 6th September 2017

Electrician funny number plates

Whilst driving to work this morning one of our work colleagues spotted a Plasterer's van with a number plate that made him giggle, so we thought we would see how many funny tradesman number plates we could find on-line! 

I actually struggled to find funny ‘sparky’ related plates, so have thrown in a few from other professions that I found amusing. 

So here they are, I hope they make you laugh too! There were quite a few naughty ones that I didn’t feel were appropriate to share, so I will leave it up to you to find these, if you’re interested!


I was surprised that I could only find two electrical trade related number plates, but as you can see from the header image above there are plenty out there to buy!

Electrical funny number plates

Drain Services

The drain guys seem to have the funniest and most creative!

funny number plates drains


Plumbers seem to have a greater variety of words to work with!

funny number plates plumber

Pimlico Plumbers have really taken this seriously!

funny number plates - plumbers

Pest Control

I wonder if this guy has bulging eyes!

funny number plate pest control

A few random ones!

random funny number platesfunny number plates 1

If you are interested in buying a personalised number plate, there are lots of websites to choose from. Here are a couple to get you started Nationalnumbers,  and Plates4less

Also, if you see any more on your travels please send them in and we will publish them online. Happy hunting and I look forward to seeing a few more ‘sparky’ plates out there soon!

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