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New & Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas For Electricians

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 12th December 2014

Christmas is once again creeping up very quickly, and once again you will be faced with well meaning family members wanting to add to your toolbox this festive season.  Rather than be faced with the usual drill sets, hammers and those delightful spanner sets, we set about searching for more unusual tools and accessories for electricians – how many of these have you heard of?

Duckbills Utility Belt & Suspenders

The ideal present for an electrician with a bad back! Too many years of crawling around in lofts and trying to fit in spaces you're just designed to fit into, can leave your back feeling a bit worse for wear.  Carrying around heavy tool belts doesn't help and actually means 5-6 days per year off work.

Put an end to this misery by putting this ergonomic tool carrying system on your Christmas list. Featuring patented Maxcon docking technology, the system is basically a back friendly frame of Velcro on which several modules (where you put your tools) can be placed. Everything then sits movement free creating a stable back friendly method of carrying around essential tools. Has the added benefit of making the owner feel like Batman!


Milwaukee Tools Heated Jacket

For the electrician who has to work on a freezing cold building site! Electricians who work on site at this time of year will be familiar with layering! Long johns, hats and fingerless gloves are all essential work wear between November and February! Go one step further with a heated jacket from Milwaukee tools!

Powered by an M12 Red lithium battery, it provides up to 6 hours of continuous heat per battery charge.  The heat output can be adjusted to provide the right amount of heat in differing weather conditions.  The jacket itself is wind and water resistant with a fleece lining and is machine washable and dryable.  There is also handy additional storage pockets and even a USB charger!



Coast H27 Head Torch

A head torch that is actually useful. Head torches provide a useful hand free method of working in dark areas.  However they are also famed for not being hard wearing and can end up becoming a bit of a joke amongst work mates!  The H27 head torch from Coast puts standard head torches to shame.  To start with, this head torch can be worn underneath a hard hat thanks to a removable top strap.  The impressive light output of 309 lumens means the head torch is ideal for use in a variety if situations.  The light also has a grip twist focussing ring a change of light from beam to spot for example even whilst wearing gloves.

The pure beam focussing optic allows you to shed light on a large area whilst the Bulls-eye spot beam can pinpoint objects from 122 metres away whilst creating a halo of light around you.  Good for up to 3 hours 45 minutes and runs on AA batteries.  The head torch  is weatherproof and waterproof and adjustable so you can position the light exactly where needed.


Never have to wind up a power cord reel again! If winding up a power cord reel or several is just another unwanted chore at the end of the day then you need a power cord reel which does the job for you! The RoboReel does exactly this job at the push of a button.  Not only does this save you the sweat inducing job of winding reel back in several times a day, but it also makes life easier having a 360 degree rotation meaning you can move it around the workplace as you wish.

This is different to dangerous spring loaded versions that are on the market.  RoboReel slows down during retraction so you won't get a whipping reaction.  Retraction also stops if there is an obstruction or someone steps on the cable.  RoboReel retracts 50 feet of heavy duty 12 gauge power cord in less than 10 seconds at a controlled speed.


Hornet Time Clock

Pay staff accurately and reduce paperwork. Reduce the paperwork associated with payroll and pay staff accurately with a wireless time clock.  Which can be used anywhere.  Clock in and out in seconds and streamline payroll in seconds.  The Hornet time clock ensures you stay compliant by working many supporting accounting programmes including Sage.

Ensure staff are paid accurately for hours worked by managing staff in real-time as well as keeping tab of expenses such as overtime.  The Hornet time clock is rugged and weatherproof and will take care of staff movement and payroll leaving you to get on with more important aspects of running a business.



Zircon Multi Scanner

Find out quickly what lies behind the wall. Working tidily is essential especially when working in homes which won't lend themselves to making holes in walls un-necessarily.  This Multi scanner from Zircon will make a useful time saving tool for busy electricians who need to quickly assess what lies behind walls.  Whether providing a quotation for a customer or carrying out initial fault finding, this handy gadget will find and trace live wire up to 50mm deep within walls thanks to the WireWarning detection system.  It will also locate wood or metal joists up to 19mm deep.

A spotlite pointing system and and audio tone indicates the location of the target and features an easy to read display screen.  A four mode switch makes it easy to change functions.

Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver 

Put an end to endless screwing! Screwing on endless sockets and switches can become a wrist aching job! The Black and Decker Gyro screwdriver is the worlds first motion activated screwdriver that controls variable speed and direction.

Simply grip the trigger and turn your wrist right for forward and left for reverse and rotating your wrist to adjust the speed.





Makita Multi Charger

Never be without a charged battery! Batteries going flat on drills whilst working can be a real headache.  Make sure spare batteries are always fully charged with this 4 port multi charger from Makita.  Charge 2 18V li-ion batteries at the same time.  It is able to charge 2 3.0Ah li-ion batteries in 60 minutes and up to 4 of these batteries in 120 minutes. The charger can be stored in the gang box neatly and is easy top carry under the arm or carry with the optional shoulder strap.  Comes with an easy to read charging display.



Dewalt DCV582 Cordless/Corded XR Wet & Dry Vacuum

Clean up cordlessly! Tidy up mess in both wet and dry environments without needing power! This wet and dry vacuum from Dewalt vacuums wet and dry without any need to change the filter.  Featuring a 2 metre long cord with a wide nozzle and crevice tool.

The vacuum is powered by 18V Dewalt battery packs or mains supply.  Made for tough environments, compact and easy to carry.

Other useful gadgets such as kneeling boards, video inspection cameras and even a cordless site fan ready for next Summer will make brilliant Christmas presents to an aspiring electrician!

Some of these gadgets you may have not come across before, but believe us, they will make working life a whole lot more pleasant and easier!