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Cool And Funny T Shirts for Electricians

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 23rd July 2015

trendy male model

Maybe you want to make your customers smile? Maybe you want to buy a gift for a sparky mate? Whatever the reason we have put together a blog post of the coolest and funniest electrician’s t-shirts. Some of these are guaranteed to get those heads turning.

This could be your new uniform perhaps? Or a better way to advertise your skills when you are off duty!

Again we wouldn’t charge you for using one of these brilliant ideas. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we did putting it together. Check out some of these cool T-Shirts below:

1. Electricians are the true craftsman on-site.

electrician are craftsman Tshirt

2. Electrician’s are awesome! 

electricians are awesome

3. How many of you can relate to this one? 

misspelt t shirt good at maths


4. Simply the best! 


worlds best electrician t shirt


5. This is good one for domestic electricians!

keep calm im an electrician tshirt


6. Who wants this for their wife? 

electrician wife t shirt


7. A great hoodie to stop your girlfriend stealing yours? 


keep calm and love an electrician


8. Who wants their partner to where this at 8 months?

the electrician did it


9. For all those sisters out there, Amen! 


finest women become electrical engineers tshirt


10. For those trendy electricians?

ee-lek-trish-uhn tshirt


11. The powerful T for a powerful electrician!


a powerful ohmmm


12. Just because!

i work with strippers tshirt



13. Electrician, fixing what your husband broke! 


electrician fixing what your husband broke


14. Who’d consider themselves as a genius? 


electrical genius

If you like any of these ideas there are loads of T-Shirt printing companies who can make the perfect T-Shirt for you, your company or your friends.

Win A Brother Label Printer Worth £45

Let us know which one was your favourite, or share your hilarious t-shirt on our Facebook page, or on twitter, we will share the funniest one we get sent. Whoever sends us the funniest one will win a Brother E100VP Label Printer worth £45. 

Please get your entries to us by Monday 1st September 2015 to be in for the chance of winning a brand new Brother printer.