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National Apprenticeship Week - Jamie Doble Profile

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 13th March 2015

jamie doble student

Name: Jamie Doble

Age: 26

Location: Woking

Qualified: City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 & 3 Diploma Graduate

One part of our job which we enjoy here at Trade Skills 4U is going out and talking to our students, we like to find out how they’ve found the course. We had the pleasure of meeting Jamie today who was a joy to interview, he came across really well, we know that after completing this course he will go on to a good career within the electrical industry.

When you enrolled on the course what was your end goal?

To become a fully qualified electrician, I wanted to make sure I completed all of my modules, course work and end up with good grades. Then after completion of the course I would then start with an experienced electrician who can show me the ropes, then head down the NVQ/AM2 route.

What were you doing before this course?

My previous role was working with in the fire and security trade which isn’t dissimilar to the electrical trade, however it’s a step into a new industry which I’m really looking forward to and will hopefully excel at thanks to my experience.

Are you going to do another course with us?

94/95, NVQ.

Which sector would you prefer to work in? Domestic or commercial?

The Domestic route does appeal to me however I would be more than happy to work in both sectors.

Do you have previous experience with electrics?

Yes I have lots of experience working with electrics my previous role involved domestic installation, however we used lower voltage cables, but it gave me experience ripping up floorboards and running cables. I have continued to work for a fire and security company since studying here. I have been applying for work with electrical contractors, and thankfully getting lots of positive feedback.

Since taking this course – do you feel you have gained the correct knowledge and understanding?

I have gained an awful lot of knowledge since taking the course it’s given me the confidence to know the correct terminology which I wouldn’t have gained in my previous job without coming here.

What would you ideal job be?

Ideally I would be looking to work within an electrical firm, or even a one man band that has lots of experience where he can teach me the ropes. I’m open to any options that come my way, I wouldn’t rule anything out completely, I would be grateful for the experience.

Which subjects did you enjoy?

I much preferred the practical side of the course; I’m very hands on in my current role and I like getting stuck in and getting my hands dirty. I didn’t really enjoy the science section of the course, this was tough and very theory based.

Which module did you excel at?

I thought I did really well at the fault finding exercise we did yesterday luckily thanks to previous experience I was familiar with this exercise. Although I do prefer the practical side I have still done very well on my written papers.

How confident do you feel becoming an electrician after taking this course?

This course has been incredibly helpful, it’s help fill my gaps in knowledge and extend my skills into higher voltages and larger installations. This course has given me lots of confidence and experience to go out and get a job within the industry and know my stuff. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and working, taking all this knowledge I have learnt and apply it to real life.

Describe yourself in three words?




What we think about Jamie?

Jamie is clearly very likeable and charming guy. He has a good foundation of experience within the electrical trade and he would be a great addition to any company that takes him on. If you want to look at taking on Jamie then please call 01293 529777 and ask for Kirsten.






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