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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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This Part P electrician’s course is for experienced candidates only. If you are looking to upgrade your knowledge and qualifications to encompass the Part P building regs, then this short Part P course will be ideal.

£185Inc VAT & Fees
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If you are an experienced electrician looking to upgrade your knowledge and qualifications to encompass the Part P building regulations, this course was made for you. The City & Guilds 2393 Part P will help prove your competence and knowledge of the Part P building regulations which will help when you need to register with a governing body and work as a domestic Part P installer.

This Level 3 Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings 2393-10 is for qualified and experienced electricians. The latest Part P regulations as updated in 2013 only apply to England (not Wales or Scotland). If you are working outside England we recommend speaking with a course advisor on 01293 529777.



Why take this course?

This 1 day course is aimed to provide practising electricians, already operating in the domestic environment, to upgrade their existing knowledge to incorporate an understanding of how electrical installations in dwellings must comply with all relevant Building Regulations.

The government approved Document P; (electrical safety) came into effect on the 1st January 2005. This meant that mainstream work of domestic electrical installers became subject to the requirements and procedures associated with Building Control for the first time.

iet centre of excellence

Since 2005, Domestic electrical installers have needed to gain an understanding of the requirements that apply to the building work they carry out in connection with their electrical work, and they need to understand the way that Building Control works and the procedures that need to be followed.

This qualification does not cater for those that need to learn how to meet the technical requirements when carrying out such work therefore we are only able to take on qualified electricians with the appropriate knowledge and skills on this 1 day course.

Entry Requirements:

This course is for qualified and experienced electricians only who want to upgrade their knowledge and qualifications to encompass the Part P building regulations and be able to register with a governing body and work as a domestic Part P installer. **(NB Experienced Electricians Only)**

City & Guilds 2393 Part P Course content:

In just 1 day we are able to bring existing electricians up to date with relevant building regulations and prepare you for a multiple choice exam.



Exams / Assessments

You will attend a 40 Minute open book exam using the Electricians Guide to the Building Regs. It is an online multiple choice exam taken using the City & Guilds system.

Please note you must bring photographic ID such as a passport or driving license with you in order to sit the assessments on this course


"A great experience. I have learnt a lot from Doug. He has shared a large amount of his practical knowledge with us, based on his years of experience. Doug has expanded my knowledge and has shown amazing patience." Alison Wood, 08/06/2015 2393

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt a lot more than I expected. Doug is an excellent tutor. Doesn’t move on unless everyone understands and keeps the course content interesting throughout." Peter Money 08/06/2015 2393

"Tutor was excellent in delivery of course content and answering any questions to clarify particular situations. Give the man a pay rise :) " Martin Killick Part-P 1 Day 13/01/13

"Personally I found tutors approach perfect, no nonsense and straight to point. I found the level of teaching exactly to my requirements would highly recommend Mark & Trade Skills 4U" Ryan De Cordova 2393 13/01/14 

"Excellent instruction, very clear and concise" Carl 2393 25/04/2016

"Great teaching from Gary. Very approachable and done at a good pace" Tammy 2393 25/04/2016

"The tutor has a fantastic approach to teaching. I have learnt so much this week" Ali 2393 11/07/2016


Text books required:

We stock books in our Gatwick & Warrington centres. We can also supply books for central London courses if you call us in advance to purchase them. To buy books please call 01293 529777 or 0800 856 4448 or alternatively you can visit the links below and purchase directly from Amazon:



What experience do I need for the 1 day Part-P?

We recommend that you are competent at carrying out domestic installation or have completed our 4141-01

Is this full scope level 3?

Yes, this is a level 3 full scope course.

Is there any teaching of the regs during the day?

On the one day format there is half a day of teaching the building regs to prep you for your exam.

How many questions are in the exam?

The exam consists of 20 questions in 40 minutes.

What is the pass mark?

60% pass mark.


London Gatwick, South East

Our head office centres redefine standards in training provision with 7,500 square metres of bright and spacious teaching areas. It’s a world away from the drafty warehouses that some competitors use! It is perfectly placed to deliver electrical course to students from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and all over the South East.

M62 / M6 Warrington

Our Northern training facility is based just off the M62 at Birchwood Park. This facility is brand new for 2016. As such it offers brand new classrooms and state of the art technology in order to deliver the best possible training experience. As per our other training centres we offer bright airy classrooms with comfortable seating and even a lake across the road. This new centre means we now offer a full range of electrical courses for students from Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton and all over the North West.

On site or In House at Your Premises

We can can come to you for certain courses. If you have suitable facilities why not take the stress out of training a group of students by arranging for us to train at your own premises. You will still receive the absolute best training possible. For more information call 01293 529777 now to see if we can help.

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