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If you want a career in the electrical industry then you're going to need to access high quality training - delivered by professionals in an intensive, structured and focused way.                                                   Unsure where to start? Use our course advisor to help point you in the right direction.  

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This 2 day 18th edition update course brings those with the 3rd amendment up to date with the latest wiring regs.

£385Inc VAT & Fees
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If you have passed your 17th edition since the last amendment was published then you can take this shorter 2 day 18th edition update course. It covers the similar topics to the 3 day course but due to there being fewer changes we can cover these in a shorter space of time. 

If you do not hold the 17th edition with the last amendment then you will want to take our 3 day 18th edition course. Either way make sure you are up to date with the latest wiring regulations by completing one of our courses. 

** Please note C&G have confirmed there is no short exam like with the 17th edition. All candidates must complete the same 2 hour full exam in order to gain this qualification. For this reason we recommend a 2 day courses to give you the best chance of passing first time.


Entry Requirements

As a general rule candidates should have knowledge of electrical installation and electrical science. You must also have completed a 17th edition course since the 3rd amendment was launched in January 2015. If you are unsure if you qualify then you need to make sure you qualification code shows C&G 2382-15 on it rather than C&G 2382-12.

The course is primarily aimed at practicing electricians and domestic installers, however it is also very popular with a range of other related trades needing to update and enhance their understanding of the IET Wiring Regulations. All candidates must be over 16 years old.

Why take this course?

By taking this two day class you will give yourself the best chance of passing first time by studying in an environment which lends itself to learning. You can take yourself away from your day to day distractions and know that at the end of the 2 days course you will have will have completed the learning and will have most likely have passed. You will also be in a class room of like minded people who recently passed their 17th editions meaning the course can be taught at the right level for you. Remember every installation from January 2019 will need to be designed in line with the 18th Edition wiring regulations. Anyone looking to register with a competent persons scheme will need to prove they are up to date even if they have already completed a Level 3 NVQ. Also anyone looking to register with the new ECS Check system will need the latest qualification.

Other reasons to train with us include:

100% Money Back Guarantee on our Wiring Regulations Courses

A wide range of locations across the UK (More coming soon)

We have been delivering wiring regs courses for many years

Online access to course materials and future updates

This course forms part of the IET Centre of Excellence due to the quality of training

All students on this course will gain access to our online learning portal. If any amendments to the 18th edition are published we will update the details in the learning portal giving you direct access to the most up to date information. There is no need to re-take or update your qualification for new amendments.

18th Edition Course Content:

The 2 day 18th Edition course will mainly focus on the changes to the 17th edition since the third amendment plus how to navigate the latest blue book. You won’t learn every regulation in the book but you will learn to reference the latest regulations as you would on the job. Topics currently covered on the course will still be:

Scope, object and fundamental principles


Assessment of general characteristics

Protection for safety

Selection and erection of equipment

Inspection and testing

Special installations or locations


** Please note course content may change once the final regulations book and C&G qualification is published.




18th Edition Exams & Assessments

You will still take the same exam as those completing a 3 day course. This is because C&G has not formally released a top up qualification as they did when the 17th edition was released. As such you will take a 2 hour online multiple choice exam on the second day of this course. You will be able to take your blue 18th Edition Regulations book (BS 7671) into the exam with you and refer to it if need be. The timing of the exam means that you will have on average 2 minutes per question so a good overall knowledge of the 18th Edition regs plus a thorough understanding of the book is a must.

Please note that you must bring photographic ID such as passport or driving license with you in order to sit the assessment on this course


Coming soon!


This will be updated shortly.


When will I need to take this course?

This will depend on your situation. The main thing is that all installations designed from January 2019 onwards must comply with the new regs. As such if you are happy with your understanding of the new Blue book then there is no need to take a course. However if you belong to scheme such as the NICEIC, ELECSA, STROMA, Napit or others then they will tell you when you need to complete the qualification by. If you are registered with the JIB ECS check system then you will also need to achieve the latest qualification by a date which they will confirm to you.

How can I tell if I have the latest amendment?

If you passed your 17th edition since the 1st January 2015 then you will most likely have passed with the latest 3rd amendment. The only way to be 100% is to check your certificate for the course code C&G 2382-15. In order to attend this course we will ask to see a copy of your certificate to confirm you meet the entry criteria.

Who needs the 18th edition?

Virtually everyone working in electrical installation needs to be up to date with the latest wiring regulation. It is essentially the industry bible. Installers and employers require it as do governing bodies.

What is the pass rate?

We have a proven track record with exceptionally high pass rates of 98%. That is why we offer our 100% money back guarantee.

Do I need any experience?

We recommend that you understand the basic of electrical installation before undertaking this course. You must have also achieved your 17th edition with the latest 3rd amendment.

Is there any homework?

It is not mandatory, however students looking to pass first time may wish to set aside a couple of hours each evening to review course notes and revise.



M62 / M6 Warrington

Our Northern training facility is based just off the M62 at Birchwood Park. This facility is brand new for 2016. As such it offers brand new classrooms and state of the art technology in order to deliver the best possible training experience. As per our other training centres we offer bright airy classrooms with comfortable seating and even a lake across the road. This new centre means we now offer a full range of electrical courses for students from Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and all over the North West.

London Gatwick, South East

Our head office centres redefine standards in training provision with 7,500 square metres of bright and spacious teaching areas. It’s a world away from the drafty warehouses that some competitors use! It is perfectly placed to deliver electrical course to students from Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and all over the South East.

Central London, Euston House

Our Euston training facility in central London is easily accessible by train. Located at directly opposite Euston station surrounded by numerous cafes, bars, banks and much more.

On site or In House at Your Premises

We can can come to you for certain courses. If you have suitable facilities why not take the stress out of training a group of students by arranging for us to train at your own premises. You will still receive the absolute best training possible. For more information call 01293 529777 now to see if we can help.

Leeds, Yorkshire

OPENING MAY 2018! We will be opening a brand new state of the art centre just East of Leeds. It will offer a full range of courses for those based in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and all over Yorkshire.

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18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-11-19WarringtonBook
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18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-11-29Central London EustonBook
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18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-12-13WarringtonBook
18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-12-13Central London EustonBook
18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-12-17GatwickBook
18th Edition Update Course (2 Days)2018-12-20LeedsBook
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