What’s your name and the course you’re studying?

My name is Jonathan and I’m on the EV car charging course.


Do you own a business?

I’m a self-employed electrician. I’ve got my own company. The Elsted Electrician, doing all ranges of electrical installation work.


Why did you choose to train with us?

I’ve been here before, I took my 18th edition. here. Great tutors, great facilities, good location.


What did you experience on the EV Charging course?

A lot of my clients are approaching me now to install car chargers and the way the world is going now towards EV cars, I thought, I’ll get into this and get the correct qualification and better install them correctly.


What do you want to achieve after leaving Trade Skills 4U?

It’s another string to the electricians bow shall we say. It’s a very good course, well designed not to brain draining because we’ve got all the background knowledge with the 18th edition and have other installation regs. But it is a very good course which is worth doing.