What’s your name and what brings you to Trade Skills?

My name is John Hardwick, and I’m here for the Tasterday; showing me what the electrician 4 steps are to become a fully qualified electrician.


What was your job before learning at Trade Skills 4U?

My current work is as a support worker. I work with people with mental difficulties and disabilities. I wanted to try and change my career path and do something a bit more practical and maybe become my own boss eventually.


How did you find out about Trade Skills 4U?

I heard about Trades Skills by looking online. They seem to be the top kind of hitting and top-reviewed place. I saw lots of reviews on Google. It was just a very positive overall appearance of the place.


What do you think of the Tasterday and facilities?

It’s very informative so far. We’ve only just got into the practical part, which I’m very keen on getting involved with and to be honest with you, with the start of the day, I was unsure whether I was going to be fit for this kind of thing, but I do see myself booking on.