What is your name and the course you’re studying?

I’m Jack and I’m studying apprenticeship at Trade Skills 4U.


Why did you choose to become an apprentice?

I wanted to become an apprentice because it’s got a good balance between work and studying, so that way I can earn money and pay my bills whilst I’m learning.


What did you think of the course?

At the moment it is very interesting for being in the first year. It’s been really interesting so far. It’s been really interesting so far. I’ve done all sorts of stuff like from Test and Inspect to wiring and I’ve done pretty much a lot of stuff I would have thought I’d do later on in the course. And it’s just brilliant.


What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

ou get all your qualifications at the end of it, obviously, but it also gives you a chance to learn from different people, from your colleagues. As well so it’s handy for people struggling between who are trying to find the time to fit in a course, but the apprenticeship was probably the best way to go I think.


What do you think of the tutors?

Oh, they’re brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I’ve had so much help from all from my training officer, Dave. He’s been absolutely brilliant. He’s help me through everything so far, any little thing I’ve asked that helped me. Sam’s brilliant as well. She’s always helped me whenever I’ve asked about any inquiries about courses and all sorts of stuff. Just everyone’s just brilliant.


What do you think of the training centre?

he facilities here are brilliant, they’re always up to standard. You won’t find the sorts of stuff in college at all.T hey’re just the whole top-notch.


Do you have any advice for new apprentices?

They’re just the whole top notch. Have a look around, inquire about the courses, see if will benefit you because if you don’t want to be stuck with an apprenticeship, that might not necessarily fit your timeframe, but they are quite factual usually, and it’s just pretty a way to learn you because you’re bouncing off people all the time from colleagues, students as well as teachers. So you’re always learning something, always.


Would you recommend Trade Skills 4U to other people?

So you’re always learning something, always. I think trade skills are very good in the sense of they have the best facilities I’ve seen. They’ve got the best teachers, they’ve got the best student support, and they’re just brilliant. They’ll always help you out.


What do you think of Spiral Learning?

I think Spiral Learning is really good because you’re learning stuff you’re actually going to use in work. So for instance, I’ve been using Test and Inspections quite a lot where you won’t learn that in college till the end of the course but you learn in your first week here, so you’re out actually able to go and do stuff and help out when you work.