What’s your name and the course you’re studying?

My name’s Christian Carter. I’m doing the domestic EV charging course.


Do you own a business?

I do own my own business. Currently, I’ve got 24 people working for me.


Why did you choose to train with us?

I found them online and they were local. That was the. That was the biggest thing. So all the while, they’re about 20 minutes away in Manchester. So it seemed quite local. I thought I’d been there before, but I haven’t been there before. But that’s the reason I chose it really.


What did you experience on the EV Charging course?

It wasn’t what I was expecting. To be honest, I think the place is a really good soap and it’s really impressed me, to be honest. The course has been great to it’s been great. Yeah, it’s sort of exceeded all expectations. Definitely tell them to come and do the course. And I probably also recommend the cave into the air, to be honest. With regards to the tours, it’s just been really good. They really helpful. They spend enough time with each people and there are not too many people on the course, which means you can sort of you get the dedicated time that you need. So it definitely a definitely recommend during the course and it gains some good knowledge of more than what you expected to get out of it.


What do you want to achieve after leaving Trade Skills 4U?

What I’m open to achieve with it is getting out in the industry and hopefully start fitting some EV charging points. It’s a growing industry and it’s one that I think is the right time to tap into.