What is your name and the course you’re studying?

My name is Carol Robinson. I’m currently studying the EV Charging course. Previously done the start of the domestic through to levels two and three And then going on to the NVQ in June.


What was your job before learning at Trade Skills 4U?

So I actually worked for Vodafone, so I was a service lead. So I tend to manage a team of service managers. So it’s a big corporate world; sat behind a desk.


Why did you choose to train with us?

It was just word of mouth. People recommended that it’s a good centre to be in and the staff were very welcoming and warming.


Why did you choose to train as an electrician?

Well, I’m very much a hands-on person and electrical is more of a brain teaser. It’s more involved, more science, more design behind it, whereas the gas or anything else didn’t interest me. So hence going down this route.


What did you think of the course?

So I was pretty lucky, actually, because the majority of the people that I started with on level one, a fair few went all the way through. So it was the same group and we had such a laugh and banter which made the learning experience more fun.


Are there any concerns after leaving Trade Skills 4U?

I wouldn’t say I’ve got any concerns because the staff have just helped. If you want to go and apprentice route, they’ll help you. And likewise, if jobs comes up, they’ll help you to apply for a job as well. So I’ve not got any concerns. And while I’ve been working you are with some electricians and I’ve ended up with a job with another electrician to help me, move onto my next step on the NVQ.


Do you have any advice for new students?

Just go for it. Just go for it, enjoy it. And don’t be afraid to ask any questions. It’s no silly question. I came from working behind a desk. No experience with tools really, or how to do a two-way lighting just go with it. Have fun and the staff will help you every step of the way.


What did you experience on the EV Charging course?

The course I’ve done is only a two-day course, so it’s a refresher of everything that I’ve done previously in the courses which helped and because I’ve it step one after the over, it’s just a quick refresher. It’s a way forward, isn’t it? Everybody’s going to electric cars. Hopefully, we’ll be going to electric cars and that’s a bit more job opportunities.