What’s your name and what brings you to Trade Skills?

Alex. I’m 35 and I came for the test today for electricians.


What was your job before learning at Trade Skills 4U?

I’ve been living in the UK for about seven to eight years now. Originally I came from Romania and I used to work in TV. Actually, I worked for almost ten years as a journalist. That was in my twenties. Let’s say when it was nice and fun. There comes a stage in your life when you’re in your mid-thirties when you have children and mortgages and all that, when you have to just settle down and find a trade that you enjoy doing and will bring you enough income to support your lifestyle and your family.


How did you find out about Trade Skills 4U?

I think as most of us did online. You just Google it. Thank God for Google and I just did a bit of research because it’s not the only company. There are plenty of colleges or companies that do similar things. This I found that it had the most compact course and the one that suited me most.


Do you plan to study with Trade Skills 4U?

Long term plan is to do all the steps, and get my gold card, and to start with, I would like employment after the course, and just to gather enough knowledge and enough experience, and contacts until I can even start thinking about going on myself or opening my own business. I’m not looking forward to being self-employed, especially, you know, as a fresher as a green electrician.


What do you think of the facilities?

Modern facilities, easy to get to, to get around compact which I think it’s it’s good that you don’t have to travel around from one workshop to another. You have everything in the same building. You even have a nice man with a van full of sandwiches outside if you’re feeling a bit peckish.