So if you missed winning the van don’t worry we’ve put together a list of second hand vans for those of you who can’t justify a new flashy one. We’ve scoured the internet, in true top gear fashion, see what you could get for under £1k!

If you’re new to the industry, setting out on your own as a domestic electrician a second hand van might be the best option for you. We would like to warn you that the cheaper the van is, the more likely it will have lots of miles on the clock which might cost you in repairs.

2002 Vauxhall Astra Van Envoy 1.7 Turbo

  • £999 – This Vauxhall Astravan would be perfect for a new sparky. Yes it has high mileage, however but it does come with a 2 month warranty and the 1.7 diesel engine should provide fantastic economy and still have a good few years in it yet. It even has air-con and alloy wheels plus we think it still looks pretty cool too.

2002 Vauxhall Combo 1.7TD 1700 Panel Van Diesel

  • £995 – Another Vauxhall here but we are a little biased. Yes it is a repossession, however it’s a 1.7 Diesel with only 92K miles on the clock. Yes it’s no frills but as long as it keeps running you should be saving money.


1999 Ford Transit 2.5D 100 High Roof Van 2496cc Diesel

  • £795 – The transit is legendary for being used by many trades. For years it has been the van of choice and it is famed for its reliability and functionality. Check out this one for just £795 with only 100K miles on the clock and a brand new MOT.

2002 Citroen Berlingo 1.9D 600D LX Panel Van

  • £695 – This little Citroen has just had a brand new MOT and is in really good nic too. It is a 1.9 diesel so lots of power and great economy. Plus it’s only £695!

2000 Ford Ranger 2.5TD Double Cab Crew Pickup

  • £1,000 – It might not be practical for all your tools but your customers will certainly hear you coming in one of these, Jeremy Clarkson would certainly choose this truck due to its immense power, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

So there you are, that’s our attempt at a Top Gear special. We would love to test these vans out and race them around the track, but we are too busy training electricians.

Remember if you do go for a cheap van it really is always a gamble what you get. You could get lucky and buy something that won’t require any maintenance, however the reality is if you scrimp on the cost of the van and decided to get something with a high mileage then you are more likely to incur costs in repairs. And don’t forget if your van is off the road and you can’t get to work, the real sacrifice will be in your salary. So be careful what you buy, always get an independent AA inspection, HPI check, and if possible make sure you get a warranty too.