Today we are very happy to announce that here at TS4U, we will be offering FREE to attend seminars throughout February explaining the various routes of ‘How to become an Electrician’. These unmissable events will be held at our national training centres in Leeds, Warrington, Coventry and Crawley.

Do you want to be an electrician but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a new challenge or career change? Has redundancy or a change in circumstances forced you to re-skill? If so, this is an absolutely essential way to spend an hour of your time and find out how you could start a new career! 

Our latest Salary Survey highlighted that on average, electricians in the UK earn £33,176 per year – Significantly more than any other skilled tradesperson in the building industry. With this in mind, anyone considering a change of career, upskilling their existing trade or simply a new challenge could vastly benefit from the information and knowledge offered to navigate the minefield of electrical training.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills, funded by the Department for Education recently brought together existing sources of high-quality labour market information to help
inform people’s choices about their careers. They project an additional 53,600 Electricians will be needed in the period up to 2024 thanks to an aging workforce with 24.6% of UK electricians due to retire in the next 5 years. We ourselves covered this topic in a recent article on the
impending Electrician skills shortage in the UK.

Our FREE events will cover common questions such as;

  • Why train as an electrician?
  • The key ways to qualify
  • The fundamental differences between each route
  • The likely timescales and costs to qualify
  • Course options and ways to pay
  • Q&A with a qualified Electrician

In particular, the seminars will concentrate on the real-world differences between;

  • A privately funded Diploma and NVQ
  • An apprenticeship
  • Becoming a Domestic Installer

Following on from these seminars, we will be offering FREE places on 1-Day taster sessions for those seriously considering if training as an electrician is right for them. These taster days will let potential students experience the first day of a training course and make an informed decision whether or not to continue with their training either immediately, or at a later date.

Seminars will take place on the following dates – Just click on the link to book your place;

Places on taster days will be available on Mondays from 24th February to 23rd March, with more dates available later in the year. Places are limited, so sign up as soon as you can hear.