If you, or someone you know is thinking about not going to university either because you didn’t get the A Level results you had hoped for or maybe you’ve had a change of career plan, then don’t worry as there are plenty of other opportunities out there for you.

Thinking of a career in the trade with fantastic earning potential?

If you’re considering a career in the electrical trade we can help you take your first step on the electrical career ladder.

We believe that there are many reasons to choose a career in the electrical trade with benefits which include flexible working hours, being your own boss, becoming a skilled expert and getting the opportunity to work with a varied range of people. It is also widely regarded as one of the most rewarding of the trades, and offers great potential for progression.

An electricians main role is to install, test and maintain electrical wiring, appliances, equipment and fixtures in a wide range of applications in either domestic or commercial settings. Daily tasks are varied and will include assessing plans, planning the layout of wiring and fitting circuit breakers and fuse boxes.

To get you started on your new career path we offer three course options suitable for new entrants. You can train in just 18 days – 16 weeks depending on which route you choose to take:

If you choose to become a domestic installer a Bronze Domestic Installer course would be the perfect choice. This course is the ideal starting place for those over the age of 18 looking to work as a domestic electrical installer who has little to no electrical installation experience, or has been working in an allied trade. The course covers all the core competencies required to start up in the industry and work on electrical installation in a residential property.
However, if you want to carry out both domestic and commercial work you would need to take either our 2365 course Level 2 or Level 2& 3 packaged course, which are the most comprehensive new entrant electrician courses available.
The 2365 Level 2/3 course will allow you to work in the following sectors:
  • Commercial – such as Supermarkets, Offices, Warehouses, Schools, Shops, Restaurants, Hospitals
  • Industrial – such as research/development parks heavy manufacturing buildings, factories
  • Domestic – such as Houses, Flats, Bungalows, renewable, Solar PV
  • Agricultural – Farms
  • Maintenance services, local authorities
  • Media – electricians are required for running operations in television, radio
  • Sporting Venues – concert halls, theatres, Stadium events
In fact, the list is endless which makes an electrical career a very good choice in terms of variety, monetary reward and opportunity.
All of the options above are recognised by industry and are fully accredited by City & Guilds and will enable you to get skilled quickly and start earning as soon as possible.
To become fully qualified you will need to complete an NVQ and AM2 in industry, which you can do at a later stage once you have found employment.

Money talks

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) recently published a report showing the pay grades for manual jobs, and it was revealed that the average graduate earns £32,000 a year whereas the average electrician is earning £47,265. See our recent blog post for more information.
Chief Executive Brian Berry from the FMB said: “Money talks, and when it comes to annual salaries, a career in construction trumps many university graduate roles.”
“Pursuing a career in construction is therefore becoming an increasingly savvy move. University students graduate with an average £50,800 of debt, according to The Institute for Fiscal Studies, while apprentices pass the finish line completely debt-free.”
For more information on university changes, costs and why it makes sense to get a trade please read our previous blog post.

Why train with us?

We are the UK’s no.1 provider of City & Guild electrical training courses with training centres nationwide. Each year more people pass with us than any other UK electrical training provider. Our success rates are possible because we focus on intense training courses, delivered in just a few weeks or months compared to Colleges where it takes years to complete. We are able to do this because we deliver the same qualification to the same guided learning hours full-time, Monday to Friday 9-4pm. This allows you to front load your training to get working as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure where to start you can check out our handy course finder tool, or simply give one of our helpful Course Advisors a call on 0800 856 448 or 01293 529777, alternatively please email info@tradeskills4u.co.uk