The latest top of the range offering from Megger is their complete on-site testing kit known as the MFT1730 On-site kit.

Megger is the best known name in electrical test equipment. Electricians up and down the country and beyond will recognise Megger as being the best and most innovative supplier of testing equipment.

The Megger MFT1730 contains everything you need to carry out electrical installation testing on site. There is no additional software to purchase as this is all incorporated and the MFT1730 also includes the 3 pole earth resistance testing kit making it the best value electrical training package on the market.

One of the many great things about Megger is its ability to stand up to the job. The multi function tester is site tough and can cope with harsh demanding environments. This doesn’t mean it should live out its life at the top of a tool box though, it comes with a hard carry case which ensures your multi function tester will stay pristine for many years to come. Even this carry case has been rethought, there is also room for a certificate pad, wire cutters and a handful of screwdrivers too.

The MFT1730 is surprisingly small which is great news, its not at all bulky and this is reflected in the compact size box it comes in. It is an ‘all in one’ testing package offering many time saving options for certificate filling. For example, current test results can be sent to a storage device, smart phone, PDA, notebook or laptop immediately or the MFT1730 can store the results of the test to download to a computer off site. There are no additional leads needed for sending the results to another device as the MFT1730 uses Blue-tooth technology to communicate quickly and effectively.

With Megger you truly pay for what you get and the MFT1730 is certainly a tough cookie. It won’t go bang when

  • connected across phases
  • it get dropped
  • used in the rain or dusty environments
  • accidentally testing live circuits
  • selecting the wrong test range

The Megger MFT1730 is known as the ultimate installation testing package with everything you need in one tough easy to use kit. Included with the multi function tester is £954 worth of accessories which gives you all you need – 2 and 3 wire non-trip loop testing, RCD testing, insulation and continuity testing with resistance measurement. The MFT1730 adds true rms voltage measurement, frequency indication and phase rotation. It even includes 3 pole earth testing to make the kit complete.

Due to popular demand from electricians, the multi function tester itself is a rechargeable instrument with downloading, rechargeable cells it also has an excellent enhanced viewing angle with intelligent back light. For convenience, test buttons are located at each end of the tester or you can use the new CAT IV probe with test button if you prefer.

There has been a lot of thought put into the MFT 1730 by Megger who have really listened to what electricians want from a product. The commitment of Megger to industry is reflected in its technical leadership and in being the first to design and introduce many key products.