Lot 20 is a new Ecodesign legislation from the EU which affects electric space heating. This new legislation from the EU 2015/1188 is set to bring about the biggest shake up in electric space heating to-date.

From January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU, which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This includes electric radiators/panel heaters, electric and gas fires and electric underfloor heating.

The aim is to ensure that inefficient technologies are replaced with energy efficient products that aim to reduce the amount of energy used in our homes, thus helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets. This will be achieved by regulating the operation of local space heaters through the use of intelligent controls.

Manufacturers will be required to incorporate functions within their products, which may include temperature controls with day/week timers, presence detection, adaptive start control and distance control functions and open window detection, making products more sophisticated.

Heaters that fail to comply with the new legislation will not be able to be supplied or installed in EU member states, therefore, it is essential that all installers understand the implications of this new legislation.

This new legislation will mean that more energy efficient products will enter the market, operated via intelligent controls. The knock-on effect of this will mean that manufacturers of controllers and/or the components that make up these control systems will also need to increase the efficiency of their products.

The challenge for manufacturers of space heating products will be that the regulation also stipulates that these energy targets should be achieved without an increase in the purchasing and operating costs of the products.

What does it mean to the installer?

From 1st January 2018 installers of electric space heaters will need to ensure that the products they install comply with Lot 20. So, don’t be caught out by suppliers selling off their old stock at discounted prices!

The key to driving the efficiency of local space heaters is through the use of intelligent controls. Installers will be in a good position to specify the latest energy efficient products, and by using smart technologies that can help reduce running costs will give their customers confidence that they have a better quality product.

It will also present an opportunity for installers to re-engage with previous customers to inform them of the new legislation, giving them an opportunity to upgrade to the latest compliant products.


The EU is committed to achieving a 20 per cent energy saving by 2020 and to achieve this all member states, which include those that intend to leave, must continue to drive energy efficiency at all stages of the supply chain, from production to final consumption.

The EU commission recognises that local space heating represents a high proportion of energy usage and, therefore, is a key area for carbon emission reductions. This new legislation is designed to reduce energy consumption and for electric space heaters this will be achieved by only permitting their use when operated by advanced controls, improving their effective use and minimising wasted energy.