We’d like to thank everyone who sent in their photos of funny vans from around the UK and abroad, please share these on Facebook, Twitter or via email to make your friends, family and colleagues laugh.

Some of these vans are so bad, they’re funny! We certainly wouldn’t advise turning up to work in one of these but we hope that you find them equally as amusing as we did receiving them. If you see any funny vans while you’re out and about, please share them on our Facebook page.

He wishes!

Is it a bit nipply in here?

Guess the sparkies name!

We love this!

Pure genius!

Great advert for Fiat here!

I don’t want to ride on this.

The British are plumbing!

I wonder if he is still in business?

Great name and great paint job!

A bit cheeky.

Boyhood dream fulfilled. Great strap line “I Pity the Stool”.

This is a local one from Brighton! He-Van Movers of the universe!

These guys must be real heroes!

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If you see any more on your travels please send them in and we will publish them online.