Balancing a happy home life with work can be tricky – particularly if you’re facing tough times behind the scenes. Sometimes a little extra support is needed to make life more manageable.

The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) recognises this and provides highly valuable support to those in the electrical industry who need a helping hand, by providing financial relief and practical support services to people and their immediate families who have worked or are working in the electrical related industries.

Their vision is to be the leading provider offering preventative and high impact solutions, genuinely meeting the wellbeing needs of the electrical and energy industries.

They do this through the provision of four workplace programmes that have been set-up to deal with the many issues that challenge people every day, whether that be ill health, family, relationship or financial problems, by giving the industry access to financial grants and a comprehensive range of free and confidential services.

The EIC programmes and services are provided free thanks to company donors, sponsors, volunteer committee members and fundraisers.

The schemes available are:

As a result, EIC has been able to help make a significant difference to peoples’ lives – a great example being Elliott Angell who suffered brain damage after being born prematurely.

Elliott has diplegic cerebral palsy which affects both of his legs. A £75,000 operation is available to him which would transform his life by enabling him to walk and play with his sister and friends. However, it’s not funded by the NHS. His father Dean has worked in the electrical industry for 20 years and contacted the Charity for help.

EIC has supported Elliott and his family in many ways, such as purchasing a new wheelchair, assisting with educational needs, giving advice with their current housing situation and providing financial support to cover appointments and loss of earnings for Dean. This support goes a long way in helping the family look forward to a brighter future.

EIC support services are funded by powerLottery – you can play from just £1 a month and help Elliott and other families alike. Your contribution makes a sizable impact as 95% of all donations go directly back into the industry. If you would like to make a difference, play powerLottery today.