Name: Daniel Carroll
Course: C&G2365 Level 2 & 3, Part P

Daniel contacted Trade Skills 4U via our Forgotten Heroes Bursary Scheme and after a discussion with our specialist Resettlement Co-ordinator decided that the C&G 2365 Level 2 & 3 course was the right choice for him. As part of this scheme we were able to offer Daniel some funding towards the Level 2 part of the course and as Trade Skills 4U are ELC registered (No. 3751), Daniel was able to use his enhanced learning credits towards the Level 3.

What did you do before training to become an electrician?

I worked in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy at RNAS Yeovilton, from 2003-2017 as an Aircraft Engineer Technician and then as a Mechanical Helicopter Engineering Supervisor on the Lynx Helicopter. Whilst there I completed four 200 day deployments, which included places such as the Far-East, Africa, South Atlantic, Caribbean and America to name a few.

I came primarily from a mechanical background, and although initially I was trained in how to assist in the electrical side of the helicopters, it was not something I have ever done.

Why did you decide to retrain as an electrician?

Having completed my time in the Royal Navy doing operations that included counter narcotics, disaster relief and life-saving winch duties, I was medically discharged and was employed as a helicopter engineer in Civvy Street. I didn’t feel there was any challenge in this, and neither was it as rewarding as what I had come from.

For this reason I wanted a challenge, to push myself outside my comfort zone, so I decided to work towards a career to become an electrician and hopefully feel like I am actually doing something to contribute to society again.

Why did you choose to take the C&G 2365 course?

After doing lots of research, both on the ELCAS website and in general as to what courses I should be taking, I was still confused by the sheer quantity on offer. I emailed a few companies but the replies I got back from Trade Skills 4U were the most informative in pointing me in the right direction for what I wanted to achieve.

What will this course enable you to achieve?

To eventually become a full Electrician, with the ability to cover the whole spectrum of work, including industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic. This is something that, due to living in a rural area, I feel that I can’t just concentrate on one particular area.

Are you planning on taking any further courses?

Once I have settled into the industry a bit, I am hoping to take further courses to make me a more rounded electrician. These will include courses like the electric vehicle charging course, then later on inspection and testing.

How did you find your training with Trade Skills 4U

The training at Trade Skills 4U has been brilliant. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and happy to help with any issues that might have arisen. If something was a bit difficult to understand, (which considering I was solely mechanical before, was often), they could change their teaching style and explain a different way and also use real world examples to put things into context.

The physical training part was great as well. I personally thought that the first practical experience we would get would be something really basic, like wiring a plug, but it was wiring in a circuit board for a basic lighting circuit, all explained in detail. All the materials to be used like cable and conduit, was brand new so you had to think about what you were doing to ensure that everything was cut to the correct length, but when you did do it wrong, the instructor was there to help explain how to do it right.

Are you currently employed

During my training I volunteered with a local commercial electrician on some evenings to help prepare myself for the real world. But at the moment I am currently looking.

Would you recommend TS4U as a training provider?

Most definitely. Everything from the initial emails, to the classroom work, to the physical work has been handled in a friendly but also professionally manor.

What are your plans for the future?

To complete the NVQ and AM2 to become a fully qualified Electrician. In the not too distant future I hope to be self employed to enable me more freedom to juggle child care alongside running a successful business.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to train as an electrician?

Just bite the bullet and do it. I realised that I would never be able to recreate the same variety and enjoyment that I had in the military by chasing that job to different employers. I decided that the only way to get that would be to start afresh and being as though the only way is up with electrics, I realised that is where I needed to be.

We would like to thank Daniel for sharing his training experience with us and wish him the very best of luck for the future.

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