As an electrician, cable running is a routine part of the job, however pushing through cable and hoping it will appear at the other end can be a frustrating headache at times! If you’ve so far ‘managed’ to escape a full house rewire then you may have got around the problem by taking your time or finding a hooked object to assist.

Once you get your first house rewire then the job of running cables under floorboards begins – in other words ‘this stuff just got serious!’ You won’t have the time on your hands to fiddle about getting cable underneath the floor and pulling up all the floorboards will just take up valuable time.

Handy Tip!

Before you start, plan cable runs before you start the work. Now in the past electricians would have to depend on tape and perhaps some lids off from a couple of lengths of MT1 or 2 to run cables. Luckily professional help is now on hand thanks to an ingenious invention from the guys at CK Tools.

The Mighty Rod is designed to make light work of cable routing – sounds like an attractive proposition, so let’s see what the real deal is.

The Mighty Rod

Upon appearance, it is clear to see that the Mighty Rod means business and will be capable of routing cables in some awkward spots – crawling around in lofts is fun – said no electrician ever!

Featuring 10 metre long fibreglass composite rods, the Mighty Rod is resistant to splintering and snagging ensuring a neat finish each and every time. The Mighty Rod is suitable in practically every cable routing scenario – behind walls, under floors, over ceilings or through conduits. Never lose another cable end between floors again!

Need to cable route round corners? No problem!

As the saying goes, any fool can drive in a straight line. Cable routing is no different, most of us can coax a cable along in a straight line fairly successfully, but once a corner comes along then the fun begins. The CK Mighty Rod is perfectly suitable for going round bends thanks to the rigidity and flexibility of the 5mm diameter rods.

Gripping the cable is effortless too. A triple bonding process has been used to attach the connectors to each rod. Each connector is threaded, glued and crimped to ensure it remains securely on the rod itself. The connectors themselves will provide years of reliable service thanks to the steel construction with nickel plating finish with is also corrosion resistant. The connectors are slimline in design making access through small entry holes no problem.

Who knows, you could even practice your weekend dance moves with the Mighty Rod to put it to the ultimate test.

So what’s in the box?

Dubbed by CK tools themselves as Mighty Strong, premium quality cable rods, the CK Mighty Rod is not set up to disappoint. Coming as an ‘all in’ set, everything you need for effective cable routing is contained in the box:

  • 10 one metre rods
  • Cable hook
  • 190mm coiled steel flexi lead
  • Mini eye and ring
  • 5mm adapter which allows interchangeability with Super Rod accessories and cable rods.

So if you’re after a quality cable routing solution at a sensible price then the Super Rod is up there with the best. Extreme torsion and tensile strength comes as standard along with an optimal level of rigidity and flexibility. The high sheen resin composite rods look the part and should feature as a priority in your toolbox very soon!