In 2020 we launched our 4 Steps Electrician Training Programme, a unique approach to electrical training that enables and encourages those who want to work as an electrician to progress through each step at their own pace, with each step getting the candidate closer to Gold Card Electrician Status.

Jeevan Dulai – Our First NVQ Student

Earlier this year, Jeevan (pictured) became one of our first NVQ Students to complete our 4 Steps Electrician Training Programme

Before completing his C&G 2365 Level 3 Diploma course, Jeevan was traveling across Australia. He wanted to work as an electrician down-under however he did not have the correct electrical qualification (namely the NVQ) to apply for the Australian Working Visa. He decided to come to the UK and finish his electrical training with TradeSkills 4U.
Having achieved his NVQ he is now eligible to apply for a Visa and thus work as a registered electrician in Australia. Talking about his plans for the future post-NVQ training Jeevan said “as soon as the borders re-open, I am planning on moving to Australia to achieve my dream of living and working there.”

Jeevan has a job lined up in Sydney, Australia as an electrician and he is in the process of applying for his JIB Gold Card status. He is currently working on domestic properties but looking to branch out to commercial.

Our Level 3 NVQ in Electrical Installation

Jeevan was one of our first students to complete our NVQ course and we have a further 9 students who are looking to finish between May and June 2021. We currently have 120 students enrolled on our NVQ online programme with a further 200 students in the pipeline.

Our NVQ is fully online and takes around 6-12 months to complete. Our experienced teaching team will map out the evidence required for your portfolio and guide you to gather the evidence necessary in order to meet the NVQ criteria. The NVQ course is not a pass or fail, it is designed to show competency in the electrical industry.

We base our model on monthly reviews – every 3 to 6 weeks our teaching team will be in touch on a personal basis with each candidate providing a truly bespoke and tailored approach and a great personalised learning experience.

Mature Candidate NVQ Level 3 Electrical Course

For experienced candidates like Jeevan who may already have 2 years of historic evidence, 5 years or more experience in the electrical industry, and already hold Level 2 and Level 3, the Mature Candidate NVQ Level 3 Electrical course is the best route.

Why choose TradeSkills 4U for your NVQ Electrical Course

Talking about his experience, Jeevan said that the NVQ course was “straightforward and the feedback supplied was always good“.

When asked why he decided to complete the full 4 Steps Electrical programme with us, Jeevan said that “the progression from Level 3 (or Step 3) to NVQ was seamless and even though I was still waiting for my certificate to come through the post I was able to enroll onto the NVQ course and carry on with my training with no downtime at all“.

How to enroll

To enroll, please complete the application available on our NVQ Course page. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team on 0800 8564448 or get in touch via the website.