How often have you heard this from a fellow electrical contractor at the counter of your electrical suppliers?

“I don’t have to advertise, I’m busier than ever!” Well that’s probably bravado, counter talk.

Truth is no contractor is as busy as he should be. You should have enough work for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and be able to pick and choose the jobs you prefer to do, in areas you prefer to work.

Tradeskills4U MD Carl Bennett has marketed over £5million worth of business in the last 3 years, so he knows what it takes to get customers and market a business.

Carl says “Frankly, if people don’t know you exist, you’ll never get enough business, no matter how good a service you provide.”

“Trades people, electrical contractors included forget or don’t realise that they are a business, even if they are a one man or woman band, like any business you have to get the basics right, no business that wants to succeed will neglect marketing.”

“I’m not talking expensive campaigns or fancy marketing ideas, I’m talking simple, cost effective, easy to do around your day stuff. For example.”

“Get a simple leaflet printed up, showing your picture ( preferably smart ) your services, your contact details, your website, logo’s of associations which you belong to, a little line about yourself – all types of electrical work at keen prices, clean and friendly service. Nothing fancy or expensive, get a thousand made up. When you are on a job in an area you like to work, get your leaflets out of your van and post them through neighbouring doors, only fifty or so. That will bring at least 5 new customers, maybe not immediately, you have to be patient with marketing, but it will bring in new business and worth way more than the £100 you just spent on the leaflets.”

“Now I don’t know about you, but if I want to find out about anything, I go on Google and type it in. We all do! I’m 50, not exactly part of the computer generation and I do it. So do your potential customers. A website is vital if you are serious about your business. A simple one page, which is all you need, will cost a few hundred quid and give you a great marketing tool and show potential customers your serious and professional about your service, and most importantly to the wary consumer, your not a rogue trader. Don’t forget these people will be thinking do I trust this guy ? He’s coming into my home, maybe when I’m at work, scary! Give them something to trust, tell them about you and your service. Show them pictures of you doing electrical jobs.”

Having a website is useful for customers who know what the website address is (your leafleted customers). However if your website can’t be found on a Google search for say ‘Electricians in Sussex’ it’s not doing it full job, so get it out there!

Have a look on Google yourself, see what ‘Electricians in Kent’ or wherever you prefer to work comes up with and get your website on those search engines that promote local electricians, they are usually free or ask for a small charge.

You may have to spend a few quid to advertise on them. Its not wasted money ! Like any business you have to spend a little to get business in. You have to speculate to accumulate and be patient.

Remember guys, you could be the best electrician in the world, if no one knows you exist, they won’t call!

Best of Luck, I hope this little advisory helps!

Carl Bennett Managing Director

Tradeskills4U Ltd