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20 Funny Warning Signs To Make You Chuckle

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 8th March 2016

So about a year ago we put up a couple of funny health and safety signs in the office to make the students chuckle from time to time. However what is clear is that our students are clearly not reading the content and simply blocking it out as they expect to see another bog standard warning sign. Over the past year we can count on one hand the number of times someone has commented on these signs which are in our break out areas. So we thought it would be a great idea to research a list of the funniest ones on the web and publish them here for your amusement.

This is where it all started with this sign which has been seen all over the web:

There may be trouble ahead funny sign

We then made this sign which again has gone almost completely un-noticed

Site safety funny sign

And then we have found some more online. There are a few great ones here:

This machine has no brain


Funny danger sign


This sign has sharp edges


Squirrels attack exposed nuts


This sign is only a distraction


There also appears to be a whole movement of tube based signs which have been tweaked and amended to brighten up commuter's days:

For more efficient service tube sign


Danger, rudeness attracts mice


Train apologies are shallow and meaningless


No eye contact


Naughty passengers will be crushed


There also appears a whole host of interpretations of the slippery floor warning signs some of which have been very simply defaced but still extremely funny:

This is sparta warning sign


Adam west floor sign


Jazz hands floor sign

And then there is a whole section of poorly defaced signs which are again quite amusing:

Darth Vader Heimlich maneuver sign


Mountain lion sign


Pie no smoking sign


Stop sign hammer time


Baby changing funny sign

We need to make it very clear that whilst these signs are very funny we do not condone defacing of any health and safety or warning sign in any way. That could be very, very dangerous! If you find any more funny signs like these please be sure to share with us and we can add them to this post.