Why take the Central Heating Controls Course?

A 2 day short course aimed at anyone involved in the construction, commissioning, inspection & testing or maintenance of central heating electrical control systems.

The course covers all the commonly used control systems in use today and is focused on the 'practical' construction and commissioning along with the relevant fault finding techniques.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however it is intended for those already working in the electrical installation field. You should know how to carry out a house re-wire and have a good grasp of the wiring regulations.

Central Heating Controls

The course requires an understanding of electrical principles and cable termination skills.

Each student will work on their own system, and will have plenty of time to absorb and understand how each system works. You will gain an understanding of how and why central heating systems work and advice will be given on suitable ‘tooling’ and test equipment.

Theory sessions will introduce the conventional wiring systems, 'Y' Plan, 'S' Plan, Etc. These will be reinforced with practical sessions allowing you to actually create the aforementioned plans.

Course Content

The course Comprises of:

  • Detailed practical workshop sessions, undertaking the construction, testing and commissioning of systems
  • Fault finding and maintenance tasks performed on each working system
  • Evaluation of the system control function (why and how it works)

Quick enquiry

If enquiring about a course , please let us know your preferred start dates.