All electricians have a story or two to share about the electrical mess ups, disasters or pure stupidity that they come across when working in peoples homes. However these 10 worst electrical disaster videos certainly top the list of electrical craziness. We seriously doubt some of these people have any thoughts about electrical safety.

Dare devils or scare devils?

All these videos feature people who are willing to go to any length to sort out electrical problems. Have a go hero or just crazy….we’re not sure!

From bare wires running across the garden to a shed, to an overloaded extension lead connected to speaker wire!! Only in America you may say, but perfectly possible this side of the pond for anyone who is crazy enough to try……Disclaimer….Don’t try this at home folks!!!

The power of electricity is impressive – there would be a few power cuts in this area! We’re not sure if we’d have stayed around to film this though!


The worst electrical work ever – light bulbs above shower heads anyone? Some of the work out there is just truly….shocking! (excuse the pun!)


Never return to the site of a potential electrical explosion. Well these guys did – very brave of them to do so……or very silly!

Meanwhile in the UK….

Thanks to Health and Safety laws, we’re somewhat more protecting in the UK thankfully. However there have been a couple of pavement explosions in the last 2 years. Check out this electrical pavement explosion in Central London. Not quite what you expect whilst minding your own business!

Thieves attempting to steal the copper conductor from an overhead power line resulted in a huge explosion along a row of houses in Yorkshire – scary stuff.

Live on the news!

And talking about casualties. He almost became one himself thanks to some ‘temperamental’ live wires above his head. It put a new spin on his news report to say the least…..

The worse electrical disaster of all time?

This has got to top all the electrical explosions we have watched so far! Termed the worlds biggest explosion, this gas explosion was exponentially scary to watch – we’re not sure how the commentators seemed so relaxed about it! The explosion spread to a power line too – it was only at the end of the video that they thought about calling the fire department!

That’s all for now folks!

Now we are pretty certain no one would ever want to try any of this at home, but we have to warn you anyway that these videos are definitely NOT instructions on recreating your own crazy electrical disaster at home and all videos shown here are purely for entertainment!

Have fun watching guys!