The well known electrical industry training charity National Electrotechnical Training (NET) has published a series of hints and tips designed to help candidates pass the essential AM2 examination. The AM2 assessment is the final practical assessment undertaken by electrical trainees. Typically the assessment is taken to obtain a C&G 2357, 2365, 2330, EAL Electricians Diploma, or NVQ qualification.

The focus is on ensuring candidates are familiar with the BS7671 Wiring Regulations and how the AM2 examination ensures that candidates show the correct understanding of interpreting the Regulations correctly and demonstrating their practical competence.

Although the specifics of each exam are a closely guarded secret, there are several options available to candidates which they can use to give themselves the best possible chance of passing first time. Naturally, the exam exists to ensure that those who pass it are capable of working as a fully qualified electrician unsupervised.

It goes without saying that the quality of training and preparation is key to success at the AM2 examination. Candidates who are confident of the subject material will have nothing to worry about. A quality training course to prepare candidates to take and pass the AM2 examination will ensure that key requirements are taken care of. Such key requirements are the ability to understand building regulations (not just Part P) as well as the ability to use the BS7671 Wiring Regulations, The On-Site Guide and the IET Guidance Note 3. A whole theoretical section of the AM2 examination is dedicated to this literature so it is essential to understand and be confident in the use of regulation books and materials.

Last year, 40% of AM2 candidates passed first time. Those results showed strong passes of over 90%. The candidates that didn’t pass were not confident in key tasks such as the theory section we have discussed above as well as safe isolation which is a basic fundamental electrical installation requirement. One of the NETS tips and one which the team here at Trade Skills 4U would certainly recommend is to use the AM2 self assessment check list and AM2 common errors guide as revision tools. The common errors guide describe how many essential marks are often lost in the AM2 examination so do ensure you are familiar with all the literature and use the self assessment check list to decide if YOU feel you are ready. There is no point trying to sit an AM2 examination without the correct preparation. It is a terrible feeling not to pass and it is far better to sit at a later date with confidence. The chances of having to re-sit the AM2 is far less if you act of your areas of weakness beforehand.

The long and short of it is there is no quick or easy way out of this examination. It is there to ensure that electricians working out in the industry are fully competent and confident in the work they carry out. The exam is there to assess competence and reasoning. Being able to use a regulations book is not enough. You have to be able to demonstrate why you are arriving at a particular outcome by using the Regulations book to find the correct solution. There are different ways of doing this to achieve the correct outcome. What we are saying is, there is no definitive way to use a Regulations book, however there are many correct ways and many incorrect ways!

To take a closer look at the hints and tips the NET have to offer as well as information on common candidate error, take a look at their website at