Over recent years there have been great advancements in digital technology allowing electrical professionals easy access to resources and data via digital Apps.

New mobile Apps are continually being created and updated, designed to help electricians perform jobs more effectively in their day-to-day tasks. These range from electrical calculators, to those that produce electrical certificates, calculate voltage drops and choose cables for electrical installations, plus many more.

When used correctly these Apps can assist with specific skills and knowledge as support to help with the more repetitive hand calculations and time consuming diversions that include referencing code books. We do not recommend however that Apps are used as a sole means.

Of course there are certain jobs that only an experienced electrician can achieve without the help of these Apps, but a few helpful tools and resources along the way are always welcome to make some of the more tedious jobs a little less arduous.

Electrician Apps Survey – the results are in!

With the above in mind, we have compiled a list of FREE Electrician’s Apps that we think could be useful, however this list is by no means a definitive. Of the 9 Apps listed we wanted to find out how the electrical professionals that use them rated them and which of these they would recommend.

The findings are now in! Check out the results below in order of rating:

1. Megger Cable Calc+ (Rated 53.85%)

This App can be used without Internet connection, a major advantage if you’re working anywhere mobile data reception is unavailable. Suitable for Android and iOS devices. It allows electricians to calculate voltage drops and choose cables for electrical installations up to 25Kw. It covers all commonly used types of cable, which include SWA 2, 3 and 4 core PVC, SWA 2, 3 and 4 core XLPE, twin and earth, fire proof and tri-rated.

The App allows the user to choose between the four most commonly used reference methods – B, C, 101 and 102, and data entry is quick and simple, instantly showing the minimum recommended cable size, the calculated voltage drop in volts and as percentage, and the load current.

2. Electrical Calculations LITE – (Rated 38.46%)

This App has many calculations that can help you in your work that include cable size, calculation of voltage drop, calculation of current, calculation of voltage, calculation of active power, calculation of apparent power, calculation of reactive power, calculation of power factor, calculation of resistance, maximum wire length and much more!

3. ICertifi – (Rated 38.46%)

BS7671 Electrical Inspection testing and certification on your iPhone/iPad. Electrical certificates with no need to sync with a computer. The App works completely offline and is suitable for ALL scheme providers. It not only produces high quality BS 7671 electrical certificates, it’s an assistant monitoring and checking your test results and calculating data where appropriate making testing accurate and more productive. iCertifi knows if you’re completing an EICR, allowing you to turn off test result monitoring so it doesn’t bother you when you expect unusual test results/non compliances.

4. Ohm’s Law – (Rated 30.77%)

This simple Ohm’s Law calculator allows the user the ability to calculate the resistance, voltage or current.


5. Megger PAT Testing – (Rated 23.08%)

Designed to simplify Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) by calculating the maximum recommended cable resistance for power cords, extension leads or the total resistance of class I equipment with long power cords. Additional features include: maximum recommended current capacity for the specified cable size. Guidance for appropriate cable sizes for given fuse rating, maximum recommended lead length for the size of cable. In addition the app includes links to Megger.com and MeggerUK YouTube sites for additional product details and downloadable material, or Megger product demonstration videos.

6. Electrical Safety First – Safe Isolation – (Rated 23.08%)

The Safe Isolation App is a step by step guide using a series of illustrations and simple instructions to enable anyone carrying out work on or near electrical equipment to do so safely. The app also includes links to Electrical Safety First’s series of Best Practice Guides, which provide definitive information and safety guidance on a range of electrical subjects.

7. KEWPAT Pat Testing – (Rated 15.38%)

Designed to work with SimplyPats – data can be copied over to your PC and imported into SimplyPats Version 7 or SimplyPats Version 7 Manual Plus Edition PAT Testing Software (for Windows OS). Manually log your PAT Testing Results using your iPhone or iPad, and if you own a Kewtech SMARTPAT you can control the PAT Tester via Remote mode using the App.

The Database used by KEWPAT is capable of storing large amounts of PAT Test Data between single (if in-house Testing) or multiple (if PAT Testing as a Contractor) Customers, and is designed to be compatible with the SimplyPats Manual Plus or Downloading Edition software, available separately.

8. Electrical Tool Kit – (Rated 15.38%)

This is a smart and handy tool for all electricians, technicians, electrical and electronics engineers, students etc. This app is only available for iPhone and is simple to use and smart enough to recalculate circuit values when a user edits any input data.

9. Time Tracker – Time Sheet – (Rated 7.69%)

Track time spent on the job with this powerful, customizable and easy to use app. This time tracking and reporting application. It will simplify your life and save you money! The latest update includes many customer requested features. It will quickly pay for itself!

Other Apps Suggested Via The Survey


In this app you will find support for the most common measurements (eg. RCD testing and measuring insulation). The app show electricians in short and clear steps what the actions are, what to look at and how to interpret the results. The app has regular updates with measurements.

EasyCert Mobile

This App works with the EasyCert desktop software to record and input all results direct onto your phone to be then imported into your desktop software. The App saves time and effort by not having to write certificates by hand onsite.

Zoho invoice and time tracking

Invoice Software that lets you send professional invoices, automate payment reminders, and accept card payments online, faster than ever!

Please remember!

With all Apps it is important to remember that whilst these may be useful in your day-to-day work you must still know how to make these calculations yourself – and should regularly check these calculations to ensure the Apps are giving you accurate information.