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Solar PV: a case study

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 4th August 2011

Vaughn Wiles

Case study – GREEN Solar PV Installer Package

Job title: Owner & Director at RenResTec



How did you hear about Trade Skills 4U? I found you via an internet search.

What attracted you to train with us? Professional setup, good feedback on forums, attractive package

What interested you in taking our solar PV Installer GREEN package? Enabling me to add the solar PV to my portfolio of renewables, in addition to solar thermal, air/ground source heat pumps & rainwater harvesting. Also enables me to be able to undertake my own electrical works as part of my renewable, heating & plumbing business


How did you find the GREEN Package? Searching your website.

What did you think of the facilities? Very good, pleased with the facilities, tutors and location.

What did you think of the tutors? Professional, knowledgeable, approachable, experienced with hands-on expertise.

What are your best bits? Well equipped workshops, pleasant surroundings, friendly banter.


Have you found work or have you set up on your own? I had already setup my renewables, heating & plumbing business but have now secured my first solar PV job.

Have you found it hard finding work? Not so far.

How well did the course prepare you for the real installation? Very well. 

Have you found any other benefits to training with us? Kept in contact with a fellow student (Rich Barton) and he has been helping me with my first solar PV job.

What do you think of the industry and do you think there is a demand for solar PV installations? There is definitely demand for it but I think the MCS approval process and costs are putting some installers off.

What advice would you give prospective students who wish to get into solar PV? Be realistic about the cost to setup and get MCS approval, your ability to do the work, and also the increasing competition.

What do you intend to do next?  I’m just intending to grow the business with the existing portfolio I offer.


Earlier this year, Vaughn Wiles completed the Solar PV Installers GREEN package. Since adding solar PV installation to his belt he has completed his first installation and enjoyed watching his company grow.

Vaughn will be keeping us updated on future PV installations, the industry and interesting insights to life as a solar PV installer.


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