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Man Survives Being Electrocuted By 13,000 Volts

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 9th November 2015

Rioler Martinez In Hospital

We say it time and time again. If you have a problem with your electrics make sure you get a professional in to sort it out. Don’t guess at what you are doing and don’t try and fix it yourself. This is basic common sense when it comes to problems in your home but you would think it would be a complete no brainer if you spotted an issue with high voltage lines outside your home on an electricity pylon. 

However for Rioler Martinez from Colombia South America he simply couldn’t wait for an engineer to fix a problem with the power lines supplying his home. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and climb the pole supporting the wires and poke the cables which were causing him issues with a long stick.

It is no surprise to most that he was electrocuted, however it is amazing and a complete surprise that he survived. In fact doctors are scratching their heads as to how exactly he did survive considering that any shock over 11,000 volts is usually fatal.

Rioler Martinez did have the foresight to actually strap himself to the pole before prodding the wires and as such hung there for nearly an hour before he was rescued.

There is video footage of this incident and although Mr Martinez survived we still think it is quite hard to watch even for those with strong stomachs. So discretion is advised when viewing the video below:

Even Cesar Sarmiento who filmed the footage couldn’t believe what they had seen:

“The voltage was strong. I stopped and started crying when I saw it.”

When firemen eventually rescued Mr Martinez he was taken immediately to hospital where medial staff were unable to explain his survival. It appears that Mr Martinez has learnt his lesson. Following the incident he was quoted as saying:

“I’m never touching anything electrical again.”

Wise advice for anyone thinking of trying to tinker with their electrics we think!


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