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Truly Handy Secret Santa Gifts for Sparkies

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 14th December 2015

So the season of Christmas Parties is upon us and that only means many of us will be struggling to come up with a secret Santa idea for someone else at work. Yes there is a great temptation to get a joke gift, but you would be amazed what you can pick up for under £15 that can really make a difference to a sparky in their day to day job. So below is a list of some super handy gifts which every sparky would love to have in their toolbox this Christmas. 

1. Magnetic Telescopic Extending Light - Super hand for picking up dropped screws and all sorts of bits and pieces. This telescopic magnet light is an absolute bargain at only £6 from Amazon.

2. Super Head Torch with 3 lights - Every sparky will let you know they could not do without their head torch. This one is just £13.95, has 4 settings including a strobe setting which could be super handy on the dance floor at the Christmas party.

3. Automatic Wire Stripper - These wires strippers will save any electrician loads of time by enabling them to quickly and accurately strip a wide range of wires from 0.2mm to 6.0mm. They also automatically adjust to strip round and flat wires.

4. Safety Glasses - At just £9.90 these safety goggles are an must have piece of kit. If you have ever had a spark in your eye or a piece of metal then you will know how important it is to protect them when working in certain situations.

5. Portable Kettle - You would not believe how often you can get to a job and not have a means to make a decent brew. With this kettle in the car or van you will never get caught short as it charges from the in car cigarette lighter. A bargain at just £12.45.

6. Gel Knee Pads - If a sparky doesn't own a pair of these then they are going to be in real trouble after a few years. For just £13.99 you can crawl around in comfort. these pads are anti-slip and anti-marking too!

7. Angle Screw Driver Set - Yes there is a theme building up here. Electricians spend a huge amount of time in confined spaces with hard to read items such as screws. This adjustable angle screwdriver set is just £6.99!

8. Electricians Draw Tape - It's no easy task pulling cable through trunking without one of these. A simple but ingenious design makes this draw tape small and easy to use with a handy brake set into the handle.

9. Volt Pen - Every sparky probably has about 10 of these in various places so it will be no problem to add another to the collection. Super handy and only £9.35.

10. Cable Tie Gun - Simple and effective, pre-load this cable tie gun and fire away. It can be set to a range of tensions and has automatic flush cable tie cut off too. A snip at £10.99! 

The list could go on forever, however you won't go too wrong with any of the above tools as they really will save time or help any electrician out on a daily basis.

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