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ELECSA Still Accepting Domestic Installers After the 5th April

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 22nd March 2013

Due to the delay by many training organisations and colleges being unable to organise themselves to offer the new Qualified Supervisors qualification ELECSA have confirmed to us today that they will continue to offer the Domestic Installers Scheme to our Bronze Course students after the April 5th deadline.

Tradeskills4u being the leader in electrical training, unlike many of our competitors,  was able to offer the Qualified Supervisor Course as soon as it became available and in fact was the UK's first training company to do so.

So this is good news for those of you who want to register on a Domestic Installers Scheme and good news if you want to gain Qualified Supervisors qualification, so a win win for our customers.

Confused ? Don't be, give us a call on 01293 529777 and we'll explain.

Our advice for anyone thinking of training in the industry is that the knowledge gained and the qualifications required to be competent at installing domestic electrics has not changed. In fact our recently upgraded Bronze Course will be more than sufficient to get you to where you need to be to install and inspect and test your own domestic installations.

It is not always necessary to register on a Part P scheme as many students will often certify via building control once they have passed our courses until the volume of major installation work reaches such a point that registration on such a scheme become economically viable. However due to the changes to qualification route and the extra training that will be required in the future we have seen a recent rush by students to get qualified and get registered on a scheme with NICEIC, NAPIT and ELECSA.

If you are thinking of booking a course we still have courses running up right up until the summer months and beyond. Although there is no set deadline by ELECSA it is likely they will be accepting applicants well into the forseeable future.