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Product Review: Draper Tools Expert Ergo Plus 9 Piece Torque Screwdriver Set

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 18th May 2015


Screwdrivers are an essential piece of kit for any electrician, however the type of screwdriver used matters a great deal and electricians generally favour one brand over another and tend to stick to it.

One of the favoured brands out there is Draper Tools who have a dedicated range of scredrivers just for electricians.  Draper screwdrivers have always been top notch (excuse the pun) and their latest screwdriver set is no exception.

Draper Expert Ergo Plus

Coming as a set of 9 screwdrivers, each screwdriver is manufactured and individually certified to EN 60900 and are the latest must have for professional electricians everywhere.

Suffer no more from annoying wrist ache from the repetitive movement of screwing and instead get the job done quicker and easier thanks to the torque controlled tightening of the screws.   Electricians who have used standard screwdrivers will know the frustration of damaged tools, screws, fixings and consumer units.  A torque controlled screwdriver is both an essential and practical requirement.

Draper Expert Ergo Plus

Not just any old torque screwdriver!

There is torque and there is the expert torque – the Draper Expert features an interchangeable torque screwdriver kit with precision torque control.  Torque settings between 1 and 5 newton metres can be set very easily by releasing the collar, twisting it to the desired setting and then clipping it back into place. When you then use the screwdriver you can feel and hear an audible click once you have reached the torque limit so you know when to stop screwing. This allows you to confidently work on consumer units or switchgear reducing without the risk of damage to the terminals terminals, arcing circuits and hot spotting – scenarios no electricians want to encounter. Perhaps most importantly, by preventing over tightening or under tightening terminal screws you can be assured you are working in compliance with the latest Wiring Regulations.

Quick and easy lock and release

Changing over the screwdriver heads could not be easier.  The set features a simple auto lock and release system that means changing the heads is effortless. Simply pull the yellow grip back and remove or add a new head. Release the grip and the head will be securely locked in place.

Fully insulated

It goes without saying that all tools used by electricians should be insulated and as expected this Draper set does not fall short of expectation.  The torque screwdriver is fully insulated allowing you to carry out work on circuits up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC. There is a very comfortable handle which not only provides great grip it is also resistant to most chemicals, oils and most solvents enabling the screwdriver to be suitable for use even in more harsh conditions.

The full kit explained

The Draper Expert Ergo kit is ready for all professional electricians to get out and about with.  There is no set up and the kit is fully compatible with all other Draper Expert range screwdrivers making the kit even more versatile.  The kit contains:

Torque screwdriver

8 interchangeable blades

Calibration certificate

Storage roll for safe and secure transportation

Fully guaranteed and perfect for electricians who work with precise installations, this is a perfect 'must have' piece of kit.