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Spark Busters: Halloween Hall Of Horrors!

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 27th October 2015

Can you believe it, Halloween is upon us again. Last year we published our Electrical Hall of Horrors and we thought this would make a great annual post. So this Halloween, keep your eyes peeled to see if any of these horrors are lurking in your house. Like all nasty creepy Halloween horrors you are most likely to find these in dark places such as your loft, under stairs cupboard or basement. If you spot any of these in your home scream at the top of your voice and run a mile, or call an electrician to carry out an inspection and rid your home of any of these ghoulish horrors.

1. One of the most common dangers in the home is probably lurking behind your TV. Overloaded daisy chained sockets can be lethal, add to the mix some random paper and it won't be long until you could be in trouble.

2. Do you rent your home? If so you should make sure your landlord has had a recent inspection. This landlord ended up paying a hefty price when he was fined £15,000 earlier this year. He had tried renting out a house whilst still renovating it which meant dangerous unfinished electrics were exposed in the building.

3. Does your basement look like this? We hope not. This homeowner needs a full rewire!

4. If you see any signs of burns or over heating on your consumer unit get it fixed straight away. Recent changes to the wiring regulations mean you will now need to replace it with a metal one, however this is going to be much cheaper than rebuilding your house.

5. Classic signs of a proper bodge job will be poorly taped connections. Who knows what's lurking inside and who carried out the work in the first place.

6. They say it's good luck if a black cat crosses your path, however in this case I would be worried about the cat surviving in this flat.

7. If this is your under stairs cupboard then you will want to look into upgrading to a new consumer unit. Make sure you get an experienced sparky to do the job as this is not so straight forward.

8. This picture is from Trip Advisor. A hotel in Malta is responsible for this bit of shocking workmanship.

9. Exposed wires even in the loft can still be dangerous.

10. If you don't lift your floorboards you have no idea what is lurking underneath. In this case some really bad jointing. 


Some of the above really is quite scary, plus it's not made up like ghosts and ghoulies, it's all real and could be making an appearance in your home any day now. If you want to be sure your electrics are not shocking then get an electrician to carry out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) which should pick up on any issues that need to be resolved asap.




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