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Two-thirds of students studying STEM at university said their course did have value for money

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 3rd July 2015

We stumbled across some interesting research from ComRes who spoke to 1000 students due to complete their university degrees in 2015; they all started after the rise in tuition fees in 2012 and as such value for money is now more crucial than ever. Interestingly the research found that just over half of the students felt the course had been good value for money, however there was a clear increase in satisfaction in the Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

Only 52% said their courses were value for money

Over two thirds of STEM students said the investment was worth while

Only 44% of humanities and social science students felt their courses had value for money

A small minority said they would take a different subject

Only 3% said they’d change university if faced with the decision again.

With tuition fees for university now on average £9,000 per year this leaves the consumer, i.e. the student wondering where this money is going. There was a clear divide which showed STEM students were generally much happier than those in other areas. We believe this is because those subjects require more specialist facilities, more contact time with teaching staff and have clearer career prospects at the end of the course. Students also gain much clearer skill sets that can be applied to a wide range of technical jobs.

It has been noted that for some subjects such as humanities students were getting as little as 8 hours per week of class time, which was raising a few eyebrows. With such a disparity between contact and teaching times it is surprising that there is not a bigger difference between course fees too.

What is clear is that now students are paying for their courses there are much higher expectations and generally students are studying courses which are much more likely to result in skills that will be in demand and much more likely to secure a job in their chosen field.

Nick Hillman commented on 5 live Breakfast that

“Students paying £9,000 expect a lot more from their education; students are choosing degrees more obviously linked to jobs.”

Nicola Dandridge chief executive of Universities UK, has said that; "The shift in England from public funding to increased fees means that students are understandably, and rightly, demanding more from their university courses. Universities are responding to this and are also improving the amount of information to students about courses to ensure that their experience matches their expectations.”

Here at Trade Skills 4U we know only too well that we must deliver value for money. As a private training provider we are always completely accountable to our students. Interestingly we have always monitored customer feedback on every course and ask every student for feedback on their course. This practice is standard practice amongst private training companies but none of us in the office have ever provided any feedback on any of our degrees.

We have seen an increase in recent times of students choosing to train with us as opposed at a college or university. For those deciding to study our most comprehensive course (2365 C&G L2 & 3) you will work two weeks on two weeks off, with contact time during the week Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm, and most importantly you only pay £7,490 for your qualification, you’ll be finished in a third of the time and you can still work around your training. This route is preferable for those returning to their studies at a later age, we appeal to more mature students, this might not have been your choice at 18 years old, but certainly if your re-training or changing your career the quicker you can gain you qualifications the sooner you can start earning money.

What is clear is if you are looking to get value for money for your training then choosing to train as an electrician with us is a highly preferable option compared to many traditional routes.

If you would like to enquire, you can contact us on the phone; 0800 856 4448, Via email; info@tradeskills4u.co.uk, Facebook; facebook.com/tradeskills4u twitter; twitter.com/tradeskills4u.