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Round up of the games action so far

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 1st August 2012

First medal – Silver, awarded to Lizzie Armistead in the Women’s Road Race.

Second Medal – Bronze, awarded to Rebecca Adlington in the Women’s 400m Freestyle race.

Third Medal – Bronze, awarded to our Men’s gymnastics team which is the first Olympic Medal Britain has won in this category in 100 years!

Fourth Medal – Silver, awarded to our Equestrian team consisting of Zara Phillip, Tina Cool, Nicola Wilson, William fox-Pitt and Mary King!

Fifth Medal – Gold, awarded to our stunning women’s rowing pair, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning.

Sixth Medal – Bronze, awarded to our British Men’s rowing team just 4 hours after our girls won gold.

Seventh Medal – Gold, awarded to the fabulous Bradley Wiggins as he finished first place in the cycling time trial.

Eighth Medal – Bronze, awarded to the incredible Christopher Froome in the same cycling time trial as Brad Wiggins.

Today’s victories have meant that Team GB have leapt from place 21 to place 10! GO TEAM GB!

Away from all the serious medal competition comes some trivia that we’ve heard about the games.

• BOTTLES of Pepsi cola and Nike T-shirts won’t be allowed inside Olympic venues, it has turned out due to the fact that their Olympic sponsors and well known rivals have donated so much to the games, organisers don’t want to upset them.

• McDonald’s have opened up their biggest restaurant at the Olympic site however it has received some really mixed reviews as some people think it’s ironic to offer such ‘unhealthy’ food to the world’s top athletes!

• Over 10,000 fake Olympic flags were seized at Heathrow this week after LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) confirmed they were not the real deal.

Ok so here are the must-watch events tonight involving GB athletes:

• Men's hockey: GB vs South Africa at 4:00pm

• Men's beach volleyball: GB vs Norway 5:30pm

• Men's football: GB vs Uruguay at 7:45pm

• Men's gymnastics all-round: Finishes at around 6:45pm and Kristian Thomas is in medal contention

• Women's volleyball: GB vs Italy starts ANY SECOND NOW

• Swimming: With Michael Jamieson an enormous chance for gold in the men's 200m breaststroke

Click the following links to see various medal winners. 9th - 37th medal winners, 38th - 48th medal winners and 49th - 65th medal winners.