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Product Review – Remora GripLoc Cable Glands

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 25th August 2015

The new GripLoc range of glands offers commercial and industrial end users a definitive solution to installing mechanical cable entry devices that are safe, secure and reliable.  For electricians entering commercial electrics, Remora GripLoc cable glands have already outperformed equivalent products in fire testing.  They satisfy the BS7671 update where it is now necessary to secure cables effectively in communal walkways to prevent premature collapse in the event of fire.

Safe and Cost Effective

Made from high quality nylon material, the high quality nylon glands are only made and offered for sale by Remora.  You won't find the same quality of materials packaged under any other brand.  Ideal for a commercial environment or in HMO buildings, Remora cable glands are a reliable choice for electricians who are after quality.  Remora cable glands will not break on installation and will last for years cutting down on return trips to replace faulty materials.

Remora GripLoc cable glands are designed for use in heavy duty commercial and industrial environments meaning they can withstand high and humid temperatures as well as freezing temperatures. Due to their high quality, Remora cable glands exceed international standards.

State of the art features

Whether for light commercial use or heavy duty manufacturing machinery, Remora cable glands lead the way in safety, reliability and security.  Remoras own in house team of engineers have worked hard to ensure the Remora glands are leading the way.  Features such as a removable atmospheric membrane seal allows GripLoc fitted enclosures to be isolated during assembly or preparation of the cable. This eradicates the need for temporary plugs and allows for pre-fitment and sealing during the manufacture stage. After the final cable installation has been completed the membrane can be easily removed by applying pressure.

Vibration lock system

The positive ratcheting feedback technology ensures installations meet safety requirements and aren’t put at risk due to loosening of the termination.

Superior Griploc seal

The superior griploc seal ensures the cable glands do not let water in.  An interlocking device ensures that the gland does not become separated from the body. As well as augmenting ‘pull-out’ resistance, this also reduces bulging and achieves a 100% water and dust tight interface with IP68 and IP69K ratings of over 10 bar.

Available in a selection of colours

Remora cable glands come in a selection of colours including black, grey, red and white, meaning they won't look out of place in most applications.

Remora cable glands are available at good electrical wholesalers.




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