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The Power of Renewable Energy - Reduce your bills to £3 per month

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 1st November 2012

If you are still sceptical about the real benefits of renewble energy, then you should keep reading.

Amidst all the gloom of rising energy prices, there are increasing numbers of people who are actually paying reduced energy bills as their reliance on renewable energy strengthens.

Take Dan and Jane Fish who pay around £3 per month on energy.  They consider themselves over 90% carbon free - and they're not sitting in the cold wearing extra jumpers and they haven't resorted to candle light as yet, and chances are they never will!

So what are they doing that the rest of us aren't?  Well for a start they are embracing renewable energy.  Their whole home is heated by solar power.  They have a solar hot water system and solar panels.  The couple claim that they produce more electricity than they use.

With increasing numbers of people now getting tired of paying increasing energy costs, it won't be long before we see other households following the growing trend of renewable energy useage in the home.

The Fish couple hope to inspire other people to follow a reduced carbon lifestyle and claim there is extra satisfaction in taking a shower in water that has been heated by the sun alone.  The Fishes will be using a solar thermal hot water system in their home installed by a solar thermal professional who has undertaken solar thermal training.  The water heated by the sun by solar panels on the roof will then be stored in energy efficient hot water tanks ready for use even on a cold morning.

Their green lifestyle will continue with their solar panels - the couple will be well ahead of their game here, and already will be seeing a huge return on their investment - who wouldn't be at only £3 per month energy? (incidentially the £3 is payment for use of gas to run their stove and includes the energy use of a holiday annexe they rent out to holidaymakers.) Their panels will be Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Panels which will have been installed by a solar panel installer who has undertaken a solar pv course.  Solar is an exciting new industry which is taking the UK by storm.  Solar PV is now a common term that virtually every household in the UK has some awareness of.  It is now being taken seriously and many households are now opting for renewable energy as part of a greener, cheaper lifestyle.

So what else are Mr & Mrs Fish doing to achieve this amazing energy saving?  Well they have a solar powered car which is powered solely from electricity produced by their solar panels - impressive!  They also grow their own fruit and vegetables and have in the past reared their own animals for meat.

Mr & Mrs Fish have certainly inspired us at Trade Skills 4U to think about greener, renewable energy more than ever before but don't worry we're not going to suggest taking your next holiday on board a cargo ship or using 55 year old pans to do your cooking but we're certainly giving a huge thumbs up to solar PV and solar thermal coming soon to a house near you.....


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