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Paul Wood Reaches 300 Games for Wolves!

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 22nd February 2013

We will be cheering on Warrington Wolves this Saturday as they take on Hull at the KC stadium. The game will be Paul Wood’s 300th game for the club which is an amazing achievement and shows his consistency and dedication to the club. The game will be the first of two trips to Hull for rounds 4 and 5 of the super league.

Last season the Wolves played Hull FC in the opening round of the competition securing one point from a 20-20 draw. Wolves travel to Hull unbeaten in their last 3 games and although Hull represent strong opposition we believe Wolves will just edge it this year. We are predicting an action packed but very close game.

Wolves' head of coaching and rugby Tony Smith said: "It will be a tough game no doubt. Last year was unique; I think we got off a plane five days before our first round against Hull and we had a real tough game over there. We are in a different shape this year as are they. They've recruited some new players and will have gained some confidence from their last couple of outings. We are starting to build some of ours as well. While there are still some aspects of our game that we need to continue to improve on we feel we are improving in some areas as well."

Just in case you didn’t know we proudly sponsor Paul Wood and as always are very impressed with his contribution to the club. 300 is a particularly notable milestone as it is a number synonymous with the legendry Spartan army who so famously fought the Persians in ancient Greek history. We believe this is a very fitting anology for Paul who probably would have fitted in perfectly in ancient Sparta!

We hope he agrees and likes our picture of him!


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