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Paralympian's; WE ARE IN AWE

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 31st August 2012

Today is the second day of the Paralympics which is extremely exciting however, rather like a waiter delivering a delayed desert, I can’t help but feel we waited a little too long for it all to begin.

This is of course no fault of the outstanding talent that we are watching, but the fault of the officials. I know that London might not have coped if we’d run one straight after another but it wouldn’t it have been nice to elongate the TEAMGB sprit instead of begin subject to the unwelcome 18 day gap between these two great events.

Rant over.

Despite my personal feelings and the inevitable comparisons that will follow, who can deny the incredible performances the London GB 2012 Paralympic team are starting to present.

Described by hosting channel as the ‘Superhumans,’ it is incredibly humbling to watch some of the world’s remarkable athletes reach their dreams having triumphed in the face of adversity.

One incredible athlete who is determined to win gold in the archery competition is American born Matt Stutzman. Despite being born with no arms, the 29 year old uses both his legs to fire the arrows with absolute precision.

Another incredible athlete is Chinese swimmer Tao Zheng who managed to break the men’s S6 100m backstroke yesterday using only the power of his legs. His show stopping performance completed in 1.13.56 was the first of four events he is competing in.

Their courage and ability is outstanding.

Now it’s time for TEAM GB to take the stage…

Having claimed 2 gold’s and 3 silvers in the cycling, a gold and 2 silvers in the swimming, a bronze in the Judo and another bronze in the powerlifting we’re back in our favourite spot of 3rd!

With plenty more in store, the nation is already gripped again and who can blame us as we are witnessing first class performance by what I believe are ‘real life heroes.’

For those of you who have missed the sporting events so far – he’s a recap on the medals won:


Women’s Individual C5 Pursuit – Gold – Sarah Storey OBE

Men’s Individual C4-5 Kilo – Silver – Jon-Allan Butterworth

Men’s Individual C1 Pursuit – Gold – Mark Colbourne

Men’s Individual C1-2-3 Time Trial – Silver – Mark Colbourne

Women’s Individual B Time Trial – Silver – Aileen McGlynn OBE & Helen Scott.


Men’s 60 kg – Bronze – Ben Quilter


Women’s 40kg – Bronze – Zoe Newson


Women’s 100m Backstroke – S6 – Silver – Nyree Kindred MBE

Women’s 400m Freestyle – S12 – Silver – Hannah Russell

Men’s 100m Backstroke – S7 – Gold – Jonathon Fox

With lots more to come, we’ll be keeping on top of the events and the outcomes so you can read the daily digests here.


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