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Nightmare on Regs Street

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 31st October 2016

Go on admit it, we’re all scared of the dark. There’s nothing worse than the thought of sitting in complete darkness on fright night. Did you know there could be some electrical horrors lurking in your home ready to scare you unexpectedly? We have found some real Nightmares on Regs Street. Check them out below:

1. Remember taping old wiring is a major fire hazard! Keeping up to date with the latest wiring can ensure your safety


2. Now this is bad! The wires are all over the place- time to tidy up the joint box!

3. This is a bad example of a distribution board with no front- what a nightmare!

4. We all know water and electrics do not mix!

5. Again, tape should never be used


6. The real lottery here is who will get electrocuted first!

7. Suitable IPA rating?


8. We think this is a suitable image for Halloween!

9.We definitely think this sign prevented the fire hazard!

10. Revenge is a dish best served cold!


11.Perfect lighting for your Halloween disco!

These electrics would definitely give you nightmares! If you think any of your electrics might be faulty contact a qualified and registered electrician ASAP.

Categories: halloween, electrical horrors