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Meet The New Wind Turbine

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 9th February 2015

new wind turbine

Today more and more organizations are embracing renewable energy because it makes sense both economically and environmentally, if we want to solve climate change we need to become innovative entrepreneurs to discover new ways of generating power to move away from traditional fossil fuels which we can’t rely on.

The Facts:

In 2030 the worlds electricity needs will increase by 75%.

With 1.6 billion new consumers needing electricity.

88% of consumers want to use their own energy.

60% of the worlds population is concentrated in cities.

newwind turbine

NewWind – Turbines

Therefore a company in France called NewWind have come up with an innovative idea to generate electricity to help meet this demand and potentially fill the gap in the market for renewable energy, they’ve designed a new wind turbine that looks like a tree typically found in a city centre.

We really like the look of it! Some have even been described as “urban artwork” with 72 artificial leaves standing vertically, the tree are 11 meters tall and 8 metres in diameter, the white frame is made out of steel and the orientation of the leaves makes them spin silently catching just a gentle wind. The design so far has an output of 3.1kW of power working for up to 280 days a year, which is enough to power 15 streetlights. If we had these dotted around our parks or lined up on our roadsides we could generate enough power to sufficiently supply local buildings. Can you imagine them lining our dual carriage ways in the UK powering our local office buildings or homes? This could be a product for the future! Imagine different designs to suit different landscapes?


 Jerone Michaud-Lariere

Who invented it?

The idea was born by Jerone Michaud-Lariere who is the founder of NewWind, he said “The inspiration came to me in a square where I saw the leaves trembling when there was just small breeze.” and the idea was born, because of they’re silent nature this meant they can be placed in many locations from gardens, squares, parks, and shopping centres unlike the original turbines which require strong winds to generate power with reported decibels reading of up to 50 when your standing 300 metres away which is the closest you can have them next to a residential home…

Where can you see it?

You will be able to see the first prototype in Paris at the De Place Concorde from March to May this year, the structure has the support from the City of Paris to promote renewable energy, the tree will be ‘planted’ and will remain there until May.

traditional wind turbines

What are the benefits for the new turbine? 

A big criticism against the original style wind turbines is the tall nature of them and the loud noise they generate. This unfortunately meant they could only be installed in rural areas away from cities or residential housing. The traditional wind turbines can successfully generate up to 5-6 kW of power however due to blade diameters and height they can only work in strong winds which means they can only generate power for those windier days each year. These have been criticized as the unattractive option to renewable energy. In comparison the Wind Trees are a rather petite standing just 11 meters and 8 meters wide.

Unfortunately these aren’t going into mass production until 2016, and each turbine could cost around £23,000, however are reported to pay for themselves after just two years. NewWind say they have already sold 40 pre-mass production trees to be installed in France in September 2015 and possibly neighbouring countries from June 2016.