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Extra PAT on the back

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 16th August 2012

You know we’re always at the forefront of offering you specialist and bespoke courses; well we’ve just launched another. Meet our 3 Day PAT Testing Course! This course is designed for those who have little or no experience in the electrical industry but would like to add this lucrative service to their offering and begin earning that little extra.

Whether you are an office manager looking to score some points with the boss and help save him some extra dosh per year or you are a landlord looking to PAT test your own properties to ease financial and time restraints in between tenants, this 3 day course has been sculpted perfectly for you.

Normally a 2 day course, this brand new and first of its kind our 3 day pat testing courses give you the extra day to learn the fundamentals of electric installation so that you are fully up to speed with the basics and have the best chance of excelling at the course when you come around to the exams on the final day.

Sound good? Of course it does, what’s more this extra day is offered at a low price compared to the rest of the course!

Interested? Check out our PAT Testing Courses online now by click either one of these links; City & Guilds 3 Day PAT Testing Courses, City & Guilds 2377-22 Day PAT Testing Courses and City & Guilds 2377-22 & 2377-32 PAT Testing Courses now or call 01293 529777.


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