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Microgeneration, the opportunities for electrical contractors

Posted by Chris Thompson on 1st September 2009

Though the Microgeneration industry is appears on hold at the moment, certainly from the Spring of 2010 it will be very much back on the agenda. 

Stimulated by cost savings of energy, a willingness of consumers to do their bit for the planet and available funding from the government to the householder, electrical contractors that position themselves early to take advantage of this growing industry will most definitely benefit in the long run.

What is Mircrogeneration?    

The official definition of microgeneration is in The Energy Act 2004, Section 82. Essentially microgeneration is the generation of energy of up to 45 kW (heat) or up to 50kW (electricity). The term “microgeneration” is not restricted to energy generated only from renewable sources. It also covers low and zero carbon technologies. The technologies involve the generation of electricity or heat and in some cases both, which is referred to as cogeneration.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Wind Turbines

Micro Hydro

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Fuel Cells

Solar Heating

Heat Pumps (Ground, Air or Water Source)

Biomass Heating

Buildings account for 47% of carbon emissions in the UK, so microgeneration has the potential to contribute to UK’s challenging EU 2020 renewables and greenhouse gas targets by generating some energy from secure and reliable smallscale installations. The government has committed itself to targets it must achieve.

Yes it is, Tradeskills4U is well positioned in the electrical training industry and able to talk with many stakeholders, your customers, existing  contractors, training bodies, local government representatives, large industrial electrical companies . All see that electricity and especially the mircogeneration industry is the future in no way a passing phase. It enables the average person to get involved, in some form over the coming years millions of households will have some form of mirco generation or renewable energy source. A move towards Nuclear power means that the electrical industry will be at the forefront of energy provision for certainly our lifetime, and therefore a consistent and renewing market. Electric cars with roadside charge electrical points,  PV panels, Wind turbines, and all the subsequent electrical installation work involved for the correctly trained and qualified contractor.   I call that an opportunity!  Needless to say Tradeskills4U will be involved providing course are qualifications, coming online in January 2010.

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