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How can you be a successful entrepreneur?

Posted by Kirsten Beckwith on 24th June 2015

/start written on road

When you’re setting up your own business it will require taking a few risks along the way and taking some chances where potentially others have failed. You need to be brave and courageous and believe in your business idea.

You need to beat all the sceptics out there and prove to them that you’re business model will work and become successful, even Richard Branson had sceptics from his board members before setting up Virgin Airlines, however Virgin is now the second largest airline in the UK today.

Don’t let hurdles stand in your way

/man in suit jumping hurdles

If you have any personal difficulties in your life, don’t let them stand in your way, turn this negative into a positive, whether you suffer from anxiety, dyslexia or have pre-existing injury this shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals.

Our CEO Carl Bennett set up Trade Skills 4U after having a brain tumour removed.  This forced him to leave his career in the MET Police force and seek a new path. He worked hard to set the company up and our training centres now train over 2000 students each year making our business model for electrical training the most successful in the UK today!


/male symbols connected

Every opportunity for you to meet someone new could be a future business partner or client, if you’re a tradesman this could be your next big job, one successful way to promote your business is by talking to people, and it’s one of the cheapest forms of advertising is word or mouth.

You can easily network by joining popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, or join local business associations, you may find networking events in your area too where you can meet like minded entrepreneurs.

Manage Expectations

/cartoon building steps to trophy

Once you have a successful business make sure you don’t get too big for your boots and start dropping balls because that’s where a bad reputation comes from, there is a phrase under promise and over deliver.

If you’re a tradesman, manage your customers expectations and let them know when your available to do the work, don’t make up unrealistic time frames which are un-achievable to win the work.

Without your customers you won’t have a business

/cartoon customers in a balleye

Make sure you listen to your customers, it’s an old fashioned saying that the customer is always right, therefore unfortunately even if sometimes you don’t agree always listen and try your best to meet their expectations.

You must always stay in touch with your target audience and evolve with them; nothing stays the same for too long before it needs refreshing.

Don’t do it alone

/climbers helping each other

It’s only natural to want to do everything yourself when your running your own business and a common mistake entrepreneurs make is not to know when to ask for a little help, make sure you ask someone you know and can ultimately trust.

Working in a trade, if you take on too much you could burn yourself out and cause a long lasting injury if your not careful, therefore make sure you have enough hands to complete the job!

Always be positive

/think positive

If you have employees it is important to set an example and always remain positive. Lead the way by looking on the funny side if things go wrong, don’t let small knocks get you down and remember positive things happen to positive people.

Work life balance

/balanced pebbles

Creating a happy working atmosphere can be difficult however happy teams will work well together, which means they’re more productive and happy to complete the job in hand. Don’t work your employees to the bone, with no holiday time and no perks.

Remember to praise your staff and make sure they are able to rest, work and play!

Don’t be afraid

/believe in yourself

We understand that going out alone could be scary, you’ll end up taking on a lot more responsibility however you could reap the benefits with a healthy pay check at the end of each month, you could be your own boss, choosing your own working hours and being the master of your destiny. If you want to read more about the pro’s and con’s please visit our blog post ‘to be or not to be self employed’.

You need to believe in yourself and make sure you take all of the above into consideration, because once you decide to do it, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you before you start making the big bucks!

Remember “Fortune Favours The Brave!”